Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reveal Day!

It finally here, I am done with my 4 weeks of dairy, sugar and oil free life and I am sure you don't want to read my nonsense so there,











Weight 123lbs now 120lbs
Waist 35' now 33'
Right thigh 22' now 20'
Left thigh  21.5' now 20'
Arms  10.5' now 10'

As you can tell I am thrilled! The last pic says it all, the tummy looks more toned. I have to tell you this is with an hour to hour and a half of exercise 6 days a week (even on those ahem special days).   I did cheat last week and ate a handful of caramel popcorn, just a handful. Today I went out and ate cherry crepes cos I was dreaming about them for a whole week.  I never missed the dairy (went to California Pizza Kitchen-that is like the only place I have pizza, ordered a thin crust pizza with no cheese. It tasted like chapathi with some sauce and veggies. I did not miss the cheese at all). I didn't miss the deep fried goodies no masala peanuts or mixture but I craved for sugar -the cherry crepe especially all last week. This seems hard but I am happy with what I see so I am doing it again for another month yaay! I want to get rid of the muffin top and get a flat tummy.

I heard all sort of things from family and friends. Most common was you look ok why are you doing this? Really people? From which angle do I look ok? My tummy is hanging like bougainvillea! Bottom line- if you like what you see in the mirror good for you, I hate what I see so thats why the exercise and diet. 

I know exercise is a pain for most of us. There are days I want to skip it, then I read something on Chalene Johnson's FB page- If you don't feel like working out, just wear your workout clothes and proceed to doing it and after 10mins if you are still not feeling it, reschedule it. Most of the time 10mins into the workout I do not feel like stopping, I rather get it over with.

If this does not work my brain has learnt to trick my body to do the workouts, basically it makes my body feel very very guilty. How? by repeating this Jillian Michaels mantra ad nauseam, "If you have time for Facebook, you have time for exercise."  

-Post was written on Sunday took this much time to hit publish. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

What have I done?

My toddler is officially in love with another woman, and I am responsible for it. I have been singing 'itsy bitsy spider' to him ever since he was 8 months old. Few weeks ago I decided that it would be a good idea to see if there were videos of that rhyme on you tube, I got her,


Initially it was very cute to see him just stare at her, then he started following her actions. Now its gone really mental, the minute I open the laptop he comes running from where ever he is and starts chanting, "itchi bitchi haalu" "itchi bitchi haalu" Yeah like you even I have no idea what that haalu means! So I indulge him and play the video he is not content watching her do it twice or 4 times he wants it like on a loop! Yesterday he listened to it for 10 times at least which means he heard the song 20 times :O I seem to be going mental now after hearing that rhyme repeatedly so I made him listen to other rhymes. Nope didn't work "belaaa, belaaa.. itchi bitsi haalu" (beda/ no). (What really amazes me is that they seem to develop preferences so early on).

So there, the 'itchi bitchi haalu' lady is his lady love as of now. It could be Nicki Minaj or Adele next month cos he will sit as if in a trace when Minaj's Super Bass and Adele's Rolling in the Deep is on!