Thursday, October 29, 2009

This post is all about me. Read it only if you want to, if not go away don't crib

This post is all about me, myself and I. If you are against boasting and believe that people shouldn't constantly harp on their achievements, then I will give you 2 ways to avoid feeling sucky. If you own a Mac, take your cursor to the upper left-hand side corner, you see that small red button with a cross? Click on that. If you have a PC, the button is on the upper right-hand side corner. When that button is pressed it will take you back to your Gandhian way of life heehaaw!

How many of you are still with me? Ok Sakshi, Nags, Arch and HB I see 4 hands (you guys are so special, do you realize that?):D. I was for the most part buried in my books but did manage to have some fun. My life from Aug. 10th to Oct. 29th:

1) A friend came visiting:
The first person to become my friend in bloggerville was Nandu. I still don't know how we began dating, I mean talking :D. We spend a considerable time on Gtalk discussing very important issues that plague the world. For example, topics on Ina Garten, US of A bane or boon (mostly bane), sucky health care system, food blogs, food blogs that have dog food as human food, non-food blogs, in-laws, out-laws, how to remove laws, jobs, depressing H4 visa, gay guys on TV, Padma Lakshmi... the list is crazy and goes on. And then there was the rasam power and BBB powder that she sent me (now how on earth can one not be friends with her?). So finally they decided to come meet moi and ma mari. Oh lord! it was the funnest (yep that word is in the Oxford dictionary alright) time I have had in a looong time. I expected her husband A to be this geeky-no fun -all books guy, I was SO wrong! He was SO SO funny and witty (actually wittier than Nandu, sorry maa). I was jabbering away non-stop (yeah even while having food) for 3 awesome days. Nandu I won't forget your American accent, Trya Banks imitation and POT! A, your Karadi TR talks, "illavarasi good morning illavarasi. Amma nan vandhuvitten" (I am giggling as I type this) is often recollected. My only grouse- next time when you come bring 2 loaves of that cake and 3 bottles of thokku! You guys totally rock. See I wrote a whole paragraph on you both, I deserve a cake (Devil's chocolate cake).

2) Crochet to save my sanity (or retain my insanity, I'm not too sure):
I have been wanting to learn crochet ever since I saw stuff on Nupur's blog. I tried to learn it from you-tube, it was SO frustrating. Finally I went and enrolled for crochet lessons in a craft store. A dear friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and she asked for some knitted/crochet things. "Never shut the door on opportunity", said Socrates (go check if you want), so there I made all this,


And my dear cousin is expecting her first baby, "Never miss the opportunity that comes second", said Julius Caesar (Google it if you want!)

A blanket

and a hat

On the knitting front I learnt how to knit cables and loops, sweet.


3) How to use my camera more effectively:
Photography classes. Yep went and took a half a day course on photography. Took lots of notes, went "oooooooH" "aaah-haaaa", got some gyaan on ISO, aperture and exposure. So much fun for $50, 4 hours of class.

4) Bakerella:
I love to bake. Period. But I have trouble decorating cakes. And what did I do? Yes! Joined a cake decorating class in Micheals'. My teacher is a super cool woman, she has her own catering business and makes cakes for a living (how awesome-superduper-cool is that?!). You can watch her on Fox News.
And my cakes:
a) The "OMG its my first cake" cake:


b) Freaky clown cake:


c) The dreaded rose cake:


d) For the 2nd course we made a LOT of flowers using royal icing and we were supposed to make a basket-weave cake and decorate the cake with the flowers.


Unfortunately, my cake looked more like the "Amazon jungle cake" than a basket cake!

I dislike cakes with frostings so all these cakes went to J's office.

5) Landed a movie role:
Yes people, Stephen Spielberg asked me if I could be in the next Indiana Jones movie, as Harrison Ford's great-great-granddaughter. Well, I thought about it for some days. You know how difficult it is for married women to work- like I have a husband who is totally dependent on me, my plants that need watering, cooking and other domestic chores need to be done. He said 2 million I said yes. The movie is going to be released in Summer 2011. We still haven't decided on the name, some suggestions are: "Indiana Jones retire, SJ take over", "Old Indiana Jones", "Indian Jones and The Temple of Retirement Homes", "Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Graveyard", "Indiana Jones and The Last Coffin".

Thank you, come again.

Okay I lied. I lied about Socrates :| *SJ hangs head in shame*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


'Allo 'allo...SJ calling bloggerville. over.


Can you hear me. over.


I am back. over.


I hope you guys had no fun while I was gone. over.


Answer me, 'allooooo. over and out.

PS- People I cleared my thesis defense successfully. I got emails from a number of you wishing me good luck. Thank you so much!!