Wednesday, October 28, 2009


'Allo 'allo...SJ calling bloggerville. over.


Can you hear me. over.


I am back. over.


I hope you guys had no fun while I was gone. over.


Answer me, 'allooooo. over and out.

PS- People I cleared my thesis defense successfully. I got emails from a number of you wishing me good luck. Thank you so much!!


  1. congratulations for you thesis...static striken babe....
    come on join the fun....n nobody has been missing you chin chin chooo...

  2. Sangeeta,
    ummm.. Nags said she missed me and Arch and Sakshi and Rush. So I was missed heehaaw!

    Thanks Sandeep.

  3. welcome back! and congratulations! (see the order ;) )

  4. Oh..welcome back! Congrates anyway. :)

  5. Congratulations!!!!!

    Welcome back! Missed you, SJ!

  6. Kadavale, Guruvayoorappa and lappieappa...tears of joy flowing from my eyes like Niagara phalls to see you back. I was almost thinking to put a curse oon your prof for not letting you out to blog. Btw is he still ok?

    Congrats for your thesis and come on give us a howlarious post now. Since you were away, I am kinda living in a laughter draught hit area u see...

    Btw MISSED YOU SO SO MUCH....sobs!!!

  7. Welcome back SJ,waiting for ur fun post:)

  8. allo alloo...welcome byack...:D:D

  9. About time!! and you cleared it?! whoohooooooooo!!

    Yes I missed you, you crazy crazy woman! now post a recipe. quick!

  10. yippppppe dipppe dooo!! Congrats and welcome back!! awww and we dint have fun when u weren't rnd.

  11. who saw you coming back first??

  12. ok so you honour only those who mailed you?someone who poked you consistently to let you know you were being missed is not worth a mention...wwaaahhhhh!! *Deeps inconsolable*

    Welcome back,SJ! Glad to know you cleared your thesis successfully.

    So good to read you again,even though its static,I'm sure we'll get to see a much clearer you soon :)

  13. Finally.
    Hope you had a wonderful time in Zulfie's arms. And how many Ferrero Rocher did you need to go through this stressful period?
    Welcome back.Does this mean you will start blogging with a vengeance?

  14. ahhha the naughty kid is back in town!!Will wait eagerly for a post from you soon!!

  15. Yaaaaaay, you're back...i just sent you a mail about the handvo, didnt check if you were in action...congratulations and I hope you are doen with thesis for a long time to come...

  16. wELCOME bACK... !!!!

    Ofcourse we had fine while you were away... infact we had more fun than usual... !!! you missed out ! :P :P

  17. as you might guess i am new comer to ur blog... well its good to know that you are back, and this post was really creative in defining that, hope to here more from you, and i hope ur thesis went good... belated good luck wishes yaar :P

    take care and keep writing...........

  18. Thanks Mints! I like that order ;)

    Sonu make peda for me. I passed no?!

    Smitha danks danks.

    HB, You are included in the list. I remember you mail- "somebody is busy studying. All the best" Thanks!

    Saritha TY!

    Sanghi TY!

    Priya 'Allooo finally someone heard me!

    Nags I missed you too! Gtalk sucks without u!

    Purnima, doopiee doo dooo danks! I read your post on the fun times with your brother. Made me so homesick!

    Deeps, ayyoo no maa. I included all those people who commented also. *SJ brings a bucket to save those tears*

    The less said about Zulfie the better. Thanks Aparna!

    Sujata How can you make such a grave mistake??? I am the insane kid not naughty. Please do the necessary correction.

    Arch, I got the email. The flour is ready yaaay! Handavo here I come! I even brought mint leaves to make chutney -just like you have in your post :)

    Hitchy, well it was fun or degree so opted for the latter :P

    Thousif it did go well thanks for dropping by!

  19. Sakshi I missed your comment GASP! Anyways you forgot to mention Allah and Jesus. Ayyooo I need a bucket for Deeps and bath tub for you to catch all those tears of joy. Prof is doing A-ok. Danks for missing me!

  20. awesome lady....i can feel the so glad u r missing tempo in the entire blogdom!!

  21. welcome back & congrats for successfully completing the thesis work :)

  22. Oh goody. Now lets go read the posts :)


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