Monday, August 10, 2009

Temporarily out of service

Don't you just love professors? They drop you from the summery heaven of food, fun and laughter into a dank, dingy black hole filled with stagnant water called reality in just 5 mins. Here is how mine achieved that.

10 am meeting Monday August 10th 2009

"Last date for submitting the thesis to the Dean is Nov 6th. So you have to defend by Oct. The committee needs atleast 3 weeks to read your thesis, which means you have to hand in the thesis to us by Oct 2nd week. You need to have all your data by the end of Sept, then you can start on the 1st draft and have everything ready by Oct 1st week. Just email me a list of all the sequences you have done so far, we can start the data analysis next week."

11 am priority check in the train

Skip cooking experiments - no way
Skip reading blogs - no way
Skip knitting/ crochet - hell no!
Skip looking after husband - want to, but can't
Skip doing laundry - would love to, but I've a limited number of undies
Skip thesis defense and get lynched by professor - gulp, no
Skip writing nonsensical posts - don't want to but I HAVE to

People, Masala Vade is closing shop till Nov. I will continue urinating in your blogs but will refrain from doing the same in my place. This will give your injured brains (in case any of you did sustain injuries reading my posts) a chance to recoup.

Till then, as Ina Garten says, "Don't have fun without me".



  1. NOOOOOO...HellNooo...did hell break loose on my head?

    You cant do this to me...uuuaaaanh!!
    i will be missing all the Muthrasana postures that u indulge in while writing your posts.
    U better keep up with the comments thou, else u will b gettin one hell of crowded muthrasana here.

    How will u refrain from the PUBLISH POST tab for 3 months??? wats gotten into u lady? this is more than peeing..u r shitting me out!!

  2. all the best! will miss the regular dose of laughter.

  3. Nahiiiiiiiiiii *hindi movie ishtyle* think SJ think. Your posts have been the light to many disillusioned souls like me. Remember the Ramaswamy post? It awoke the fishy love in me which I thought I had lost when I had accidentally scooped a fish from the well in our backyard and refused to throw it back!

    Your knitting show off's made many H4 wives docile as they practised sword fighting with the needles and yarn rather than on their husbands.

    Your pancakes made its way to the breakfast tables of husbands who had resigned to a fate of office canteens.

    So think what your blog is doing to us rather than thinking about what an Umreekan 3 more letters to your name can do for you. I say chuck de phatte your prof and hi again to your devastated blogger buddies.

    BTW just realised that you didn't add chatting to your list. So that means you are available there!! Shucks will suffer you there then :)

  4. Oh nooooo! Not even teenie weenie one liners? Thats grossly unfair. Stop knitting or buy some more undies. Whichever is easier. But stop blogging? Thats not even an option. Your readers will hound you.

  5. Wishing you the very best! See you soon! I know how hard it is to prioritize when you have a situation of prime importance that demands all your attention! Be back with a bang :D

  6. You r most welcome to urinate in our blogs but take little of ur time to write which makes us/me smile,pls don'ttttttttt stop,i need a dose of ur post to laugh

  7. All the best!!! Please come back sooooonnnn....! And keep coming to our place.

  8. NOOOOOO..*again hindi ishtylee..*.:D..I know you cant sit on butts peacefully for that long SJ..Il wait..;)

  9. Rush,
    But I will be doing muthrasana in your blog no! Fear not!
    Well, I can tell him jha bhe but I can;t tell the same to J. You know the story :(
    hahahhahaaaa..undies are pretty expensive here :P Bah, I am don't get 50 plus comments for readers to hound me!
    :D TY!
    Its temporary, you need to give ur brain a break also no? Thank you for giving me permission to urinate in ur blog!
    ok thanks!
    My dear its a choice between writing rot in my blog or letting my 2.5 yrs worth of hard work go down the drain. If you notice, my blogging only increased in summer, I was virtually absent in spring. So I am pretty sure I can stay away from Masala Vade.

  10. I am glad you didn't make the other decision you could have. Continued to post here and forgotten our blogs. This way, there's 2-way interaction (and I am NOT saying this cuz I want your hits on my site, ok? So don't blame me of that!! sheesh!)

  11. Why you doing this?WHY WHY*echo*
    Anyway, do hop on our blogs?You will, I know :P

  12. I hate your professor!! I want the pictures and the pancakes and the knitting and the funny posts atleast two times every week, make the husband do your thesis, what did you marry him for???

  13. THUDDDDD!!!!that was me collapsing on floor by blog-break-bomb:))

    I'll echo what Sakshi said 'I say chuck de phatte your prof and hi again to your devastated blogger buddies.'

    But dont you even think about taking a break from blog-hopping,SJ!!!see you around!

  14. Hey SJ,Will surely miss ur posts and those lovely pics! Come back soon

  15. Aiyoo.! Just when I was getting hooked on to all your posts. I'm gonna have withdrawal symptoms. Sigh !

    Anyway, wishing you good luck on your thesis. Go get 'em!

  16. Oh no :( Will miss your posts...I bought the pathrode leaves today to make your version of it and then read this so so sad...but get done with it all real soon - all the best and see ya in november

  17. hahahahahaaa... what will we do w/o your blogposts?? plez plez liner blog toh bhi pot karo!!

  18. Oh SJ, Will miss you!!! Are you sure you can't juggle around a bit and blog too :)

    Anyways, all the best and get back soon!

    And you watch Ina Garten too:) I LOVE HER SHOWS! and if am not careful, will end up her size as well :) All the best again!

  19. Dear SJ,

    That is what happens when over-erudite people take up too much on their platter. BTW, blogging is a must-do for me too.

    Anyway, all the best to you in your thesis preparation and writing (that sounds so-o-o impressive and highbrow) and hope your prof gets his/her tit-for-tat soon enough.

  20. Oh NOOOOOOO thats not fair.....will miss you dear, do come back soon! Wishing you all the very best for your thesis!

  21. Nags, HB, Sujata, Deeps, Sharmilee Appu, Arch, Purnima, Smitha, Sucharita, Parita,

    THANK YOU so much for telling that you will miss me and yoru wishes. I am shedding tears of joy seeing your devotion to my rubbish blog and nut case posts. I promise to be back in Nov with awesome lunatic, insane posts that will loosen your screws!!!!

  22. Is this your idea of a "blog popularity survey?" Because if it is, you've got your answer--you can't shut shop! Not allowed.

  23. aiyyo rama.., yake bariyolla antha decide madiddu? aparoopakke omme adru urinate madbeku alwa, illandre dehakke olledalla :p
    Will miss your posts & I love your Jai Karnataka too..., bere bashe avarannu odisode olledu Bangalore inda.., he he...
    I am happy that you liked my version of mallige idli :)

  24. Psst Psst...have a message for you at my page..hop over to read and stay alert :P

  25. Saee,
    "blog popularity survey' hahahahah hardly! I have very few people who actually like to loose their screws reading me.

    Hey idli sooper agi ethu, I made your gullabadne palya/gojju. Adhu mast agi ethu :) Aioo, bega graduate adre saaku nange. Dodda thale novu!!


    No no no no no no no no NOOOOOOO! :(

    Okay but don't completely vanish on us. Btw, hows the thesis coming along?

  27. I'm one of those screw losers--and i like it that way...please organized about it--only 1 a week. Come aawwwwn!

  28. Just came here to dust your blog and clean it up while you are away, some habits die hard you know.:(

  29. Sakshi You are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH..I laughed for full 5 mins!!

  30. Wishing u all the best.....inspite of all these protests we do understand the imp of ur studies so tek care & like most of them I too wonder if u cd put up those 'signature styled one-liners' once in a while:-)).

  31. u write such things, can't keep without laughing :D

  32. Theres an award waiting for you at my blog.

  33. you seriously going ????????????????

    I can change nething but cant stop blogging and blog hopping now.. !!

    and hey i stil cant see the guilty innocnet tag... where is it ?

  34. oye!wake up!wake up! your prof has gone for a long holiday!get back in here NOW and treat us to a post!

  35. Deeps, ehhh..I just saw the man yesterday. Very much here sigh...

  36. All the best with your thesis..since its not exam you won't hate it :) pizza inbtw

  37. don't get disillusioned by all these comments
    they all are distracting you from your thesis...go do it.......
    ha ha...i can wait for the nonsense...

  38. 1st timer here, and i liked your earlier posts, will be missing ya, you write really good ya, honesty at its best,

    drop by my blog sometime :)

    take care and keep writing..............

  39. Theres an award for you dear on my page!!

  40. SJ, Very busy? We are all waiting for you to get back!

  41. Tere bina zindagi se koyi shikhwaa...toh nahi...shikhwaa nahi
    Tere blog ke bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi toh nahi...

    sniff...sobs.. *fishing out SJ's knitted bookmark to wipe her tears*

    Hey bloggers are threatening me for your absence...they are telling me to get you back.

    PS: Aparna is totally miffed with you for not reading her posts and said she will pass on her writing secrets only to me. Check her blog :)

  42. You have a award at my space :
    Do pick it up! :)

  43. Hey SJ, Rasachandrika is available in English...Its an awesome book on Konkani cooking, also has home remedies, baby food, food made on religious occassions...Want me to send you one ?

  44. Hey...I was supposed to meet Sakshi:P

  45. Neevu channagidhira????

    Joraggi padhana maaddkondidthira...sheesh my kannada is going to the dogs;-/

  46. do u even realise its been two month since you've absconded?? come out of the hiding,lady!!

  47. Hmmm...heee....hoooo...(see I have become mentally unstable bcoz of absence of posts here).

    So can we start the COUNT DOWN now? It's almost the middle of October and you promised you will be back by November!!!

    ok here goes....18 days left...

  48. Hey SJ...u back in a few days alvaa ? Hope you had a wonderful Diwali and sure hope you're doen with all your studying and presentations !


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