Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why I need a bigger house, reason # 49:

Because not all projects are compact like this one,


Some do end up taking 3/4 of the living room space:



Huh? What? I am a show off? When did I ever deny that?!


  1. Are you trying to get a place in Guinness?It exactly looks like how they show in that :P

  2. OMG !! You are totally into this knitting now...thats fabulous..that little purse is too do have a lot of patience lady...i started on a sweater for my baby before he was born. He'll be 4 soon, and I haven't reached the sleeves as yet !!

  3. I loved the scarf pattern SJ
    n I agree you need a MAHAL for your lovely handmade stuffs

  4. Woww NICE!! I like! :D

    And yes, please do show off more often! :)

  5. beautiful..beautiful..u cook, u knit, u study, u teach, u play show off more often...the world needs to know about you!!!! :D..u are a powerhouse of talent!!!!..:D

  6. Ahh back to knitting!! The purse is really neat and compact!! whats the other thing? a muffler or a half done rug?

  7. Aree you are not only a good writer but u r also a crafty girl.U do crochet as well?? That is my new hobby now
    Liked the purse and if you don't find a bigger house,do send all those to me,i will some how fit everything what u sent in my house.

  8. oh my! this is damn pretty! what on earth is the second long thing though?

  9. You mean you do not stay in a mansion with a pool and a tennis court like all the other swargalok citizens? Then why are you there? Come back to India.
    And what are the other 48 reasons for wanting a bigger house?

  10. wow you've turned into quite the knitting diva haven't you?! Very cool scarf:)

  11. Hey that was very nice Shawl/Scarf. You are talented dear.

  12. Aioo why buy a big house and then spend precious time cleaning it up? You could use that time to knit and write blogs no? So a better idea would be to giveaway your creations. I promise we all will jump up and down on your blog to get it.

  13. Simply lovely, Ms.Show Off :)

    The purse is really very pretty. BTW, can you let me know where you get the patterns from? Naah...not for me, but for my Mom who I can order to knit these wonderful things for me :))

    And, was was reason # 47 ?

  14. Woah, that's definitely taking up a load of space...!! Buy a new home soon, and don't forget to invite me :P

  15. wish I had a sis like you :p

  16. show off more often...i'll start another blog with these n you'll be left reminded me of something n i hope i do not procrastinate this time...

  17. but the second pic is very unlike you....he he..

  18. Hey so pretty and nice color combi as well....looks very elegant!

  19. I too need a bigger better house!

    BTW if that's your handwork....then i must say it is amazing!!!

  20. Nice way to show off your craft-skills! Crafty blogger!

    And while we are at it...everybpdy in Mumbai needs a bigger house (even if they do not sew/knit/crochet), including me.

  21. Hb,
    Guinness record for the longest scraf?! LOL
    I knew you would ask that!
    Eega salpa free time ede adikke kai hakidhini! I have to see till when I have this enthu! Thats why I don't do things like vest/sweater ( not that I know how to do them !) I lose interest very soon with long projects like that :P
    Thanks kanema!
    Miss M (I love that name )
    Thank you! A blog is for showing off isn't it?!
    I do all that but I can't write like you no? sob.
    Its supposed to be a scarf :P
    I just started going to crochet class. I go to crafty shines blog and oogle at her crochet crafts. hahahhaa... ok will send all that to you!
    cough its a scarf :D
    But..but I am not in swargalok...this is narkalok no? So no swimming pool/tennis court sob.
    Thanks maa. But not a cooking star like you! I would stutter and stammer like a mad horse if I were to do cooking videos like you.
    I am making a Persian Magical Flying Carpet.
    I am trying thanks!
    Well I will happy if my giveaways goto you or others I like. What if it goes to some nasty nut? you said before they might pee on it just to take revenge on me!
    Danks danks. reason number 47 is because I can't have a horse stable in my hall :P
    Oh sure. When you come bring me one of those super yummy cakes and the baby corn manchurian, gowdru pulao, moong dal subzi, paneer mutter, methi mutter malai, set dose, masala dose - yeah I think this will be sufficient for 1 visit.
    Ok send me the adoption papers. I will send you a rakhi and make you my behan!
    Oh you should start a craft blog. Well, according to me to blog is to show off!
    Thank u!
    Come lets buy a huge plot and build mansions.
    LOL! If you do get a big house, search a bigger one for me!

  22. abbey saala, u never answered me!!

  23. Rushu I am telling you she did it on purpose. You see the Italy thing...wink wink. And now she doesn't even say Rush I like you...

  24. That purse looks gorgeous SJ, love the color combination! you are soooo good at knitting yaar, i wish u cud teach me :)


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