Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bread Banana Pudding

What do you do when you have bananas that are more black than yellow?


Bread that is more than a week old?


And a husband who when asked to buy coconut to make chutney brings home this,


Bread Banana Pudding of course!

Recipe source - Amma
Dry ingredients:
Bread (not the soft ones)- 10 slices
Banana- 3 cut into thin slices
Sweetened shredded coconut- 1 C (If unavailable just mix 1C shredded coconut, 1/2 C sugar and 3 Tb ghee)

Wet ingredients:
1 C milk
1tsp vanilla essence
5 Tbsp sugar

1)Preheat oven to 380F.
2) Mix all the wet ingredients and set aside.
3) Lay the bread slices on a 9 by 9 baking tray. Smear little ghee on the bread slices.
4) Add 1/2 C of the milk mixture on the bread slices.
5) Layer the banana slices on bread.
6) Add another layer of bread and sprinkle the milk mixture. Add the banana slices. Like so,


7) On the top most layer sprinkle the sweetened coconut.
8) Bake for 20-25 mins till the coconut flakes turn golden.


9) Let it rest for 10 mins before serving.


1) Its best not to try this with soft bread. The ones in India are perfect for this. I used white bread and the lower most layer became sticky, next time I will try this with a baguette.
2) The quantities will vary due to variation in size of the bread and banana and also on how thin you slice the banana. Please adjust accordingly.
3) Tastes divine as is and even better with vanilla ice cream.


  1. Very innovative idea SJ! I can imagine the divine taste of it. :)

  2. first things first: why is there some weird code near your 'post comment' link?

    now.. i never knew bread banana pudding is this easy! i have tasted this once at a friend's bday party (yeah, when i was 8). the only difference is, that had cherries on top! and much less coconut i think.. and maybe also condensed milk.. ok forget it, i think that was a different dessert altogether :D

  3. oh that looks so simple n yummy SJ...I dont like eggs in puddings...need to try this version soon dear.

  4. Wow! innovation at its best!
    But ghee, sugar coconut all together? Who are you trying to kill?

  5. I have a doubt. Do you ever buy things and make stuff? Anyway I like that browned coconut on top .I can't take pains to make. So, this one on list to eat when I visit you.

  6. Lovely, love the shredded coconut topping, sounds yum !

  7. Yummy pudding looks delicious also eggless version, definitely a keeper!

  8. Thats an interesing way of consuming bread and banana. This is my first visit will come back again for more. Do drop by into my space and leave me a note when ever u can find time.

  9. eggless pudding.., that seems to be my cuppa coffee :D
    will try this, thanks SJ...

  10. That looks yum,SJ.I'm surely going to try it out.blackened bananas and 4days old breads are a regular feature in my household.I'm so glad I can make good use of them.Thank you so much,SJ :))
    Will let u know when I've made the pudding!

  11. this pudding is new for me .........i use stale bread to make bread n butter pudding for my husband...the coconut flakes have turned beautiful after baking.
    BTW my husband also does similar things when asked to buy something....n then he'll say....ek hi cheez to hai....kya ho gaya...

    the daliya breads i make are a bit dry so i guess that will be better for this pudding..

  12. Wow! That looks tempting, when are you coming to India and inviting me home???
    Your husband must've been real glad that he didn't bring the right coconut:)

  13. Ok this is what I want when I come over ok?

    PIctures! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  14. ohhhh I hate bananas and the over ripe ones are a strict no no!! any other fruit that can be used? Btw the pancake was a super hit thanks!!!!

  15. Thats really simple to make, oh but i dont like bananas :( well will try with some other fruit them..may be u think it'll work?

  16. looks absolutely delish!!
    anil is no coconut fan, so will pass this one! im kinda getting hooked on to ur recipes :)

  17. That is quite a dish .. Loved the idea of adding coconut flakes.

  18. Yummmmyyyyy...will be trying the recipe this weekend... :)..thanks for not adding eggs.. :D

  19. Oh wow....that's an drooooooool worthy those crisp coconut flakes....

  20. Nice idea and lovely pics as usual. Will try. BTW, SJ, are you sure they are the same banana's? The cut banana's look much firmer with no yellowish/browish tinge at all. Did you do something to that?

  21. Sonu,
    Easy and tastes good!
    That must be the asli bread pudding this is some duplicate which my mom got from God knows where!
    I thought sweets were supposed to kill no ?;)
    huh? What do you mean? All these were bought! Everyone says the same thing "make this when i come" nobody turns up.
    TY! Not as much as your cake. The sweet puri and those cakes I have bookmarked from your blog!
    Thanks for visiting!
    hehehe..everytime I make something eggless, I think of you!
    Even the bakery breads we get in INdia works good for this. How can one make chutney with this coconut tell me?! Men!
    I still half a bag of that darn coconut. I have to think of someting to use it up. Why, if you were nearby I would havemade something and passed it to you!
    Andavaa...I will believe you when I actually see you sitting on My sofa in MY house!
    You don't have to use over ripe bananas, the ripe ones will work! I haven't tried it with other fruits
    Yaaayy so glad you liked the pancakes!
    It might work choose something that goes well with bread and milk and gets a little soft- not squishy when baked.
    omit the coconut! TY!
    I never knew some many people were anti-eggs :P
    Kitchen flavours,
    I used 3 bananas (they were gigantic in size) the 3rd one was pretty good so the picture is of that banana. The lower most layer had the almost rotten one- not a nice picture!

  22. *Sigh* Yawn! I want Zulfi back.

    Btw you can use the rest of the coconut to make Ladoos but please while posting it do link me ok?

  23. That looks pretty neat! I love the crusty brown top. I have a dozen bananas sitting on my counter giving me the stinky eye.

  24. Hey hi how r u? after long time am coming here! my bad I know. gud way to use things..looks gud but the coconut didnt get burning smell or flavor?

  25. wht a innovative idea..looks dam good ...mouthwatering platter huh..

  26. Oh this is cool! I end up making banana bread and bread and butter pudding - 2 deserts , double the calories- this is much cooler:)

  27. Woo hoo! Just the 3 ingredients I have lying around wanting to be used. Nicely illustrated!


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