Monday, June 25, 2012

Phenyle Scare

It was 6:20am and I had just finished sweeping the floor, wad filling the bucket with water to start moping. I decided to use the new phenyle (what? you don't like shopping for phenyle?!) I'd bought yesterday. When I opened the cap I found it had those pesky inner transparent cap that you need to pull (with God knows what), I placed the bottle on the counter, took out my knife and in Ninja style cut open that cap. Except a true Ninja would have kept the bottle away from his face, unlike me who had the cap aimed right towards my face. The next thing I knew along with the cap flew 2 tablespoon (see the amount of cooking I do ladies, I can even measure flying liquids) of phenyle  into my left eye. I washed the eye with water and I was 99% sure I would go blind. I didn't wake up the husband cos really, what can the man do except pour more water into my eye. I washed some more and prayed -
a) pls pls pls pls God let me not go blind, I've to be there for my boy
b) let the boy not wake up-definitely not a good time
c) let there be water in the tank

I sat with a bag of frozen peas on my eyes (still praying), Jay walked in handed me some ice in a hanky. Then asked if I could see ok (now you know why I didn't bother waking him up), I would have answered his intelligent question, if only I could open my bloody eye! Finally after 3 hours the pain and itching subsided and I could see, Hallelujah! I've cut myself a million times, burnt my fingers (on the stove and oven) 33 times, thought I was pipetting water and instead pipetted NaOH into my mouth in 12th std., could not find the rubber bulb so decided to use my mouth to pipette ~hold your breath~ phenol (if you are a science student, yeah I know you want to choke me) spilt it on my hand and table, having done all those this was probably the worst scare ever.

Moral of the story,
1) You are not a Ninja.
2) Use common sense, if you have very little of that (nope, not me) borrow someone else's.
3) If you are a jabber mouth like me, don't talk while opening the bottle Ninja style (or should I say un-Ninja style?!)
Last but not least (even though I hate hate being serious, I will quickly say it and end this post), live is precious..... ............get a maid :D


  1. haha glad you see you are alive and kicking and seeing well enough to blog!

  2. Gosh girl, what were you thinking when you placed the bottle so close to your face?! Hope your eyes are fine now! Better keep the bottle way away from your lil one!
    And you take care!

  3. Jeez, must have been bad! And considering you're already a pro when it comes to accidentally hurting yourself, it's time you take precaution or like you said "Get a maid!"


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