Thursday, April 23, 2009

GFAOU event

Peas, potatoes, cabbages, arbi, yam, sweet potato, papdi lilva, moong dal, massor dal, toor dal, channa dal and all other pulses are GAS according to my resident food scientist- J. He eats them with great discomfort. The only gas that he is willing to intake is chole. He can eat it week after week and not be bored. I am sick of that yellow chole and want to move on. I did (sort of) from yellow to black.


1/2 cup black channa -soaked overnight and pressure cooked (with salt) till soft
1.5 tsp coriander seeds
1/2 cup coconut
2-3 dried red chillies
2 cloves garlic
1/4 tsp garam masala
1/2 an onion thinly sliced
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp urad dal
few curry leaves

Heat 1 tsp oil and saute the garlic till it turns light brown. Add the coriander seeds and dried red chillis saute till it changes colour. Add the coconut and saute for just 2-3mins. Cool and blend this into a fine paste with adequate amount of water.

Add this paste to the cooked channa (don't throw the water in which the channa was cooked. Yes, it does look like muddy-water but it has all the starch which lends thickness to this chole) Simmer for 10 mins. Now prepare the tadka, add 1 tsp oil add the mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves and onion. Saute till onions turn soft and translucent. Add this (add additional water if required) and the garam masala to the chole and simmer for just 2-3 mins. Done.


My mom makes this with pooris and I did the same. It had been a loooooong time since we ate pooris and so this was definitely a treat.

This chole goes to the GFAOU event -- Gas For All Of Us :P Have you sent yours?


  1. That's a hilarious event :D and I love your second pic :)

  2. Mmm. looks tempting..! First time here and its great! Do check mine..!:)

  3. Man! Don't you hate people with lot of "I don't like this and that and more"? I tell my kids all the time that when they make fuss, just eat what comes in front of you and be grateful that somebody is cooking for you!;D

    Poori and chana looks fabulous sj, love to have some this morning but had a slice of cinnamon and raisin bread instead!:P

    Have a gala time, see you on Monday!:)

  4. Gas for all of us event!!! real or reel ah??? poori n chole pic super click

  5. ROTFL :D

    BTW I haven't had poori for over a year now :( You know why no?

  6. Hey that poori nestling the chole is looking divine to me..want some right now...garam garam..

    Hope you will consider the earlier recipe I sent to you on your fart bomb post for the GFAOU event. My recipe is not only nutritious with all those veggies but guarantees at least 3 hours of non stop farting and guess that's the criteria for this awesome event. If that recipe is not eligible I can send an Indian jute sack filled with potatoes to your address...J will love it

  7. That is so funny! You must really host some event like that! Gorgeous pic with the poori!

  8. That is such a funny event! I'm like are you serious?? The food looks awesome.

  9. Host an event like that - will be real fun :) The pic with the puri and channa is lovely...Yeah, I am still in Bangalore :) and will be here for a few more weeks...escaping from the heat in ahmedabad...its raining and lovely here :)

  10. Hey Kutti... I tried your GAS producing recipe!!! Me n Vadi liked it. I don't know how much Houstons green house gas is

  11. With such a title I had to try this recipe and boy am I surprised that I was gobbling it up till the last tiny dal was left. It was amazing with that roasted coconut flavor. had it with poories for dinner and next day with puttu and we went for hiking to release all that gas into mother nature; couldn't take a chance at blowing up our apartment u see

  12. GAS is hillarious......n the puri chole looks yum....i like the change of coconut in it as i make it the north indian way......this is a ritual meal for some pujas here.

  13. I made the damn thing again today :(...gas is contagious I assume..


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