Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I will not whine

Have you seen this?

I am very angry.
Angry that in this 20th century, such barbaric acts still occur.
Annoyed that with all the Womens liberation and shit, women are still treated as inferior.
Sad that nobody came forward to help the poor girl.
Enraged because the man who she was with, was not punished.

I feel so deeply for her because, I can do what I want to do, wear (or not) what I want, go to parties/dinner with anyone I want, without the worry of being flogged.
I am ashamed of myself - inspite of having everything, I still crib and whine incessantly.


  1. Saw that at CNN, felt the same way. My heart was thumping so hard when I heard her screams. I am sure it is the mildest punishment they have shown. few yrs ago, a teenager girl in Pakistan was gang raped by 6 old "judges" as her payback sentence in rural area because her 14yr old brother winked at a girl of other sect or something like that. What can I say to that? I have no words!!

  2. Yeah I agree with you am enraged too that the man didn't get any so called punishment coz well according to them Men can do anything....sick!! No organization is powerful enough to put an end to all this brutality..I don't know why I feel so hopeless maybe it's bcoz while working in India in a prestigious place which fought for justice to all kinds of human rights I realized it's just a big joke!!!

  3. Could not watch the entire video as it was terrifying and I felt tears coming down! How can people do this and her own brother pinning her down. Some parts of the world will never change. Worst is that all is done in the name of religion.


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