Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter blues

I have no mood read, the books I got from the library are just rotting away in the plastic bag. take pictures. The camera, lenses and tripod are packed away in the closet. bake. The brand new Kitchen-Aid mixer that J got for me as an anniversary gift is still in the box. I don't even know the colour of the mixer, sad. cook anything new. even check out the scrap booking software J bought for me during Thanksgiving. And I love scarp booking. sigh. knit/crochet. Its been more than 2 months since I touched the yarn and needles. watch TV. I have not watched Ina Garten or Alton Brown for God knows how long. blog. I started this post on Monday sigh.

Why? I suffer from SAD. I despise winter, to me its the worst season ever. It is perpetually cold, it gets dark early, everyone is covered from head to toe in heavy coats, its all white and gloomy, there is just no colour or life in winter ugh! And I don't even want to talk about snow *puke*

Summer where art thou?

PS- if you are a winter lover and want to try to make me fall in love with winter. Save it. It is not going to work.


  1. Oh dear, SJ - You really don't like winter, do you? I don't like plenty of things about winter but I do like wearing boots and interesting hats and scarves :)

    Hope summer comes soon or maybe you could in invest in one of these to help fight the SAD -

  2. I won't tell you that you can sip on some hot chocolate while munching on hot onion pakodis standing by the window, I can't tell you that you can sleep till very late(only in weekends though!), I shouldn't be telling you that you can stay away from the humidity(eek!), because you asked me not to. :|

  3. *ANGRY LOOK FROM A WINTER LOVER* Well I suggest you should plan to get pregnant every winter then. It might lift up your mood as you can puke any time and get away without cooking and all that extra work ;)

    Btw pavam J check the colour of the mixer at least :)

  4. Summer is here... ! It was a glorious winter day in Indore... sunny... the right temperature and mild sun... !! just when you feel like lying in the sun or better fly kites !!!! :P :P

  5. Ditto SJ-I hate nasty winter's been unseasonably cold and even snowed in Atlanta last week and civilization as we knew it came to a standstill, it's an uphill task just going to the grocery store what with having to dress in layers and what not:( I miss those humid muggy hot Florida days-sigh:( added to all my misery I have 5 god awful federal taxation courses-so feel better about your winter blues:))

  6. Smits, I totally HATE winter! I hate going out from where to wear scarves and hats! Oh my! Those lamps cost a bomb, I will stick to my sodium lamp!

    BnB, Hot chocolate, pakodas done all that nothing works. I can't open any windows during this season due to the damn cold air. So the smell of oil just hangs around the house- I refrain from any deep fryig during winter. Just add this to my mysery list!

    Sakshi that is the WORST idea ever! And who will come help deliver my kid every summer?you? I want to work, I want to go out for walks this weather is not conducive for anything blegh. Mixer colour will check out in a few weeks/months maybe summer.

    Hitchy do I know you?!

    Ranjani, finally someone who knows what I am talking about! Fedral taxation courses are things that need to be taken during winter. You dont want to do that course in Summer do you?

  7. LOL for the "PS".

    I used to hate winters.. Not anymore, this winter... I am enjoying... full of snow around... subzero all the time... dark dark and dark... still I am happy with this)

    (from kerala.. - and have started to love winter - a big change)


  8. SJ: Hate winter too! My new job is all field work.. I work out in the cold wearing 4 layers at 20F!! The only blessing I count is my pay check!! So here goes another gal pining for summer! Giggles.. but honestly.. March is almost here and it def warms up then! So just 6 more weeks!! :P

  9. Not having the inclination to at least open, leave alone use a brand new KitchenAid is a serious illness, SJ! Tch Tch. Get well soon!

  10. never lived in cold weather, never seen snow. but one thing i know is, i hate either extreme. SG is always humid and sweaty and I.HATE.IT!

    question: did you get a KitchenAid or that other brand you sent me link of. You got KA?? :O

    And what's this scrapbooking software? Interesting!

  11. awwww!! If winter is here can spring be far behind? isnt that what a poet says? The colours will fill up soon SJ just wear a red coat and go out with a dozen long stemmed roses!!

  12. Oh you poor thing, I havent seen too many super cold winters, but the biting cold is really depressing...Hope the 'summer' there comes soon enough, or you come to India, it will get hot a about 2 weeks, at least it will, in ahmedabad

  13. You should atleast use the kitchen aid-esp since you like to bake, it doesn't involve stepping out in the cold-and make the husband buy all your baking ingredients on his way home from work:)I got one a few years ago and have only used it twice-dam thing is crazy heavy, I'm going to put it on Craigslist!

  14. Hey SJ I'm not surprised your chhole was crazy spicy! Mine was too-and this is after I reduced the amt of chillies! You could definitely use this pasty thing for korma just add some poppy seeds and cashew nuts to the mix- in fact I'll post my uncle's famous korma recipe soon. I'm surprised you already commented on that last post because I hadn't even published it- I was playing around with it since I'd written it and taken those pics last year and it kept showing up with last March's date-anyway sorry for rambling on over here!

  15. If you lived in muggy, sultry Mumbai, you would love the winter, believe me. All that snow seems exciting to me, but I would hate to live in a place where the winter months just seem to go on forever. And whatever you do, do not get pregnant when it is winter. It will make you more depressed.

  16. Sands, I have nothing to say to people like u!!

    P my friend come lets pray for summer LOL!

    Saee, I know everyone finds the KA thing shocking!

    Nags, having lived in chennai all my life I am really ok with summer. I cannot tolerate winters. I used to wear a sweater and sleep with 2 blankets in B'lore!

    I am hoping so too Sujata!

    Arch, India yaay!

    Ranj, I think you definitely should ask Nags if she wants your KA!!

    Aparna, I have lived in Chennai for 15 yrs, never complained about the heat even once!! I am a summer girl :P Thanks so much about the winter pregnancy advice!

  17. One word: Achchchoooooooooooooo!
    I'm with you. but I take this as a long long vacation from work:D
    take care :)

  18. Frankly, winters leave me
    I don't exactly go gaga over winters,but if it wasn't for winters, I wouldn't have any reason to knit!!!...and THAT would be a pity indeed.

  19. come here,SJ..summer is in abundance in this land :D

  20. Hi SJ,
    I've enjoyed reading your posts, but looks like you've not written in a while. I hope your recovery from SAD will be a quick one.
    ~ A fan of your writing :)

    P.S. Hoping you would also stop by at my blog:

  21. I hate any extreme weather too...


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