Friday, January 8, 2010

I feel...

like eating mysore pak. Not the hard-healthy-no ghee (less ghee)-less sugar-saccharin one. The soft, real sugar (sucrose) laden, ghee dripping (ok not dripping, but you get the point), the melt-in-the-mouth kind. Anandha Bhavan in Chennai used to have awesome mysore paks. Me wants :( very badly. What do you want badly? (cars, XBOX, Wii, new wife/husband, good grades, Hawaii vacation etc. not accepted, only food items).


  1. SJ spiral cookies *wails* I can eat anything except sweet potatoes right now, somehow I just found out I have a phobia for those *wink*

  2. I wanted Dosas very badly this morning - thankfully was able to make them. As of now, I am so full that I can't even think of food :)

    SJ, I remember those ghee dripping, melt in the mouth mysore paks. Yum!

  3. Rich chocolate cake..when I say rich, it means RICCCHHH :D
    (Actually I'm kinda full right now,so didn't want chicken biryani and all that :P)

  4. would you believe i was just delivered with Mysore paak yesterday that came all the way from Coimbatore !!!!! :P :P :P :P

  5. 1.Dosas, with lots of potatoes inside.
    2. Aloo chat, bhel puri, paani puri/golgappas.
    3. Dahi vadas.
    4.Chana-kulcha, the spicier the better.
    5.Aloo parathas with a BIG dollop of ghee.
    Am I sounding too greedy? By now you must have understood potatoes are my weakness.

  6. I just had my quota of food for the entire me wants to lose the I guess I want oranges and green tea to detoxify all my intake of sweets and ghee and potatoes and fish and biryanis...aint I sounding like your chole aunty?

  7. nandini doodh peda.., slurp..., I'm drooling :p

  8. MIL is here so I am in food heaven :D

  9. 1. Parippuvada
    2. Pazhampori
    3. Ootthappam
    4. Mysore Pak too :)

    (just to follow the instruction above the 'comment text-field': Lovely post. :P (now my comment would be published.. right?) ;)

  10. Kulfi falooda -pistachio kulfi with lots of soft melt in your mouth falooda with rose essence

  11. OMG SJ I just spent the past hour catching up on your blog-what fun stuff you've been upto!!

  12. Paalcovaa mmm..I remember the Amul ones we used to get in Chennai!

    Somehow I am not craving for cookies. Sweet potatoes LOL good one Sakshi!

    Smits, dosa craving hits us almost everyday!

    Chocolate cake..mmmmmmmmmmm....

    I am SO jealous Hitchy!

    Aparna I want all those in your list :(

    Orange and green tea blegh!

    Ooo even I love nandini peda! This time when I go home I must stuff my face with it ;)

    Nags, ayyo you go maa.

    Sands, I love the list and love the love you showed :P!

    Ranj, its been ages since I had kulfi falooda. Another thing to stuff my face with!

  13. What a coincidence!We both have names of food items as blog names. It happens that this post is also about food. Anyway, I want some Nimbu ka pani now..burp!:P

  14. BnB, yaay! I know what a coincidence! I want lime soda ;(


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