Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old age?

Every time I finish cooking, J does a full inspection of the kitchen. Because I, sometimes (ok make that usually) forget to switch off the stove (mine is an electric stove not gas). Today was different.

I decided to make this and added 2Tb sesame seeds in the kadai and got stirring to get it all brown. Stir, stir, stir...for a full 15mins, still it was white as snow. Packet old? No. Genetically modified sesame seeds that probably don't brown? No. Maybe I had to stir around for some more time? No. May be the heat was not enough? Umm.... I hadn't even switched on the damn stove.

Should I be worried?
On a side note the baingan dish came out good. And I would have saved 10mins if that stove was on. Dammit.


  1. hahaha.. my husband tries to make dosa on an unlit stove too. he even asks why the tava is taking so long to heat up!

    glad you liked the baingan.

  2. Ha ha symptoms of getting old?! SJ ;) When will u be back with ur recipes and cooking clicks?

  3. Hmmm...if you say old age, I dont know what i should say :( This sounds so familiar - i get into the lift and wonder why it isnt going down and then realise I didnt press the button...happens all the time !!

  4. better safe than sorry girl..... and that dish looks scrumptious... happy Christmas... may god's blessings be always on you :)

    take care and keep writing..........

  5. SIGH...sush

    Abhaaa Nags, I am so glad I am not the only one. Dosa on a cold tava never attempted before!

    Ya I blame it on old age. Have a few grey hair also :(

    Arch, I have done that as well :| I get into the lift from the 4th floor and keep pressing 4th floor and wonder why the damn lift is not going to the 1st floor.

    Thousif thanks and wish you the same :)

  6. Welcome to old age and loss of memory. I have had this condition ever since I crossed 30.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. How are you handling the cold weather?

  7. no question mark?? It is old age! Welcome to the club,SJ ;)

    Hopped by to wish you and J a very Happy New Year. Have a fabulous year ahead!

    Will be back next year to read all your posts that I missed :))


  8. age seems to catching up fast huh?? wish u had posted a final Sj version of the baingan bagaar!!

  9.'s definitely not old age and I would say there is no scope of you going further bonkers :( Just replace the damn old stove or better tell your landlord to renovate the whole kitchen :) Btw happy rocking new year to you and J

  10. Yesterday I went home from office(in the noon) because I thought I didn't switch off geyser. Today I went because I thought didn't lock the door properly. What is this?

  11. Aparna thanks for welcoming me to the family :P Don't ask about the weather. I hate winter I am cooped at home under a blanket. Totally disgusting weather ugh..

    Deeps thanks for much for welcoming me to the club! A very happy new year to you and your family :)

    Rush the final version looked similar to the original :)

    Sakshi, renovate the kitchen now that is a fantastic idea. I hate this 3' by 2' hole they call kitchen anyway blegh. Happy new year crazy!

    HB LOL!! You made me SO SO happy ! ! :D

  12. Genetically modified...hehehehe...that's too funny...

  13. LOL....its always about lights for me. The day I go into sleep last, some light in the house is on the whole night;-(

    Wishing U a Happy New Year!!!!

    p.s: u've been awarded:-)

  14. LOL! It is old age SJ :) No doubt about that :) Like my husband taught daughter - 'How old is Amma' - Very old :) I am known to do the reverse- forget to switch off the stove and end up with charred food :(

    The good thing is that the baingan still turned out yum :)


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