Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Puke, Doc, IV, J, French toast, nurse, ER, ughhhh....

Hey all! I was supposed to post pictures from our trip but I was sick as a dog yesterday. This is what happened:

6am alarm: groaannn..I don't want to get up :( Got up with much difficulty made some crappy tomato rice. Packed J's dabba.
7.30am: Tried to eat cereal, milk cold, no energy to reheat it in the microwave (!!!) Left it on the table. Hit the bed, croaked a bye to J from the bed.
8am: dreamt that I was in India eating Masala Dose (sigh!) Went back to sleep
11am: Got up hungry. Took a bath.
12 noon: Chatted with Nandu and stuffed that tomato rice, cereal still rotting on the table.
1pm: puke
2pm: SOS to J: not ok. Come home soon.
3pm: Hungry ate an apple and a banana. Cereal still rotting on the table.
4pm: Puke
5pm: SOS#2 to J: dying.
6pm: Hungry, drank 1/2 glass milk. Cereal still rotting on the table.
6.20pm: puke
7pm: dead on the bed
7.15pm: J home, forces some crackers and a toast down my throat. Calls home to ask his mom what to do. " Get GluconD", J googles, "Where to get GluconD in USA?"
8pm: puke, call J, "I want no GluconD, take me to a hospital!!!"
9pm: Call to the nurse to see if I need to go to the hospital (WTH!)
9.30pm: "all agents are busy at the moment please hold the line" Beethovan playing.
9.45pm: "Hello, my name is Robin how can I help you?" ("Ahh..I need a coffin 7 by 5 , rosewood can you get it? I need to get to a hospital!!!! ARGHHHHHHH") "Is the inside of your mouth dry?" yes, "How many times have you puked?" Ahh 5 times? "When did you pee last?" just now, "was it colourless, light yellow or dark yellow? Rainbow colour ARGH!!!!! gimme a break! " OK you need to get to the emergency right away" Thats what I have been trying to tell you all along! Sheesh!!!
10.45pm: Hospital. height, weight, BP checked. You need IV
11pm: In a hospital gown, on the bed with an IV inserted.
12am: You are ok now, go home take rest and drink lots of fluids. Thanks, can I buy some more of that IV fluid from you?
12.30am: CVS, J searching for energy drinks, and GluconD (ARGH!!!) "Mudu (means sweet/darling/pet in Kannada, thats what he calls me, so much love no?) I found glucose tablets kane!" Oh joy!
12.45am: home. J dissolves 4 (!!!!!!!!) glucose tablets in water. It looks like orange sewage discharge. Discovers its chewable tablets not dissolvable. Sigh!
1am: J realizes he hasn't had dinner yet. Decides to make french toast (!). Me still dead on the bed chewing glucose wishing I had another IV stuck to my arm. "Mudu yenealla hakthya french toast ge? (what do you need for French toast?"
1 motte, salpa haalu, sakre, vanilla essence (egg, milk, sugar, vanilla essence)
Man brings the vessel which has an egg and some milk, to the bedroom "eshtu haalu sakka?"
Returns to the kitchen
"sakre yeshtu?" (how much sugar?")
2 spoon or how much ever you want (I can bet you he would have added 5-8 tablespoons)
"Vanilla essence yeshtu?" (how much vanilla essence?)
2-3 drops
"yelli ede essence?" (where is it?)
fridge, I need that IV NOW!
"you have 3 different bottles here which one do I use?"
"don't use the organic, its only for cakes. Don't use the Wilton one its for making buttercream. Use that Costco one"
"Which pan do I use now"
GRAON!!! Use the small blue one ya! I am calling the ER!

I have no idea what he did after this, I was a dead log and didn't wake up till 9am today. He was a real sweetheart though, he was rubbing my feet and trying to keep me warm, made toast (hey thats a big deal for someone who can't cook!), cut apples, made GluconD (LOL!!), left to work without waking me up :D

I never want to get sick ever again. I do want to buy that IV fluid though, anyone has any clue where to get it?


  1. get well soon!!!hope u get that IV soonnn !! btw,i've i think this is my first comment here ..been lurking around here for ages ..good to c a post from you.

  2. oh gosh, that sounds pretty bad!! and you are all fine now?

  3. You are pregnant, get the home test thing and pee on it.
    And if you really are, then you need to train J. You will be feeling like this for the next 9 months.

  4. Oh goodness SJ !! What happened ? Soemthing you ate on that little holiday of yours that made you so sick ? Hope you are feeling better...Please drink a lot of fluids...take care..

  5. Ha! half way through the post I thought you were pregnant with all that puking..but seems u were real sick..hope you feel better.

  6. i wanted to almost throw up reading ur post...how u feeling now?? will ask my friends about the iv fluid.

  7. masala dosa and not masala vade??
    hold hold...dont puke...change of topci!!

  8. oh...Hope u r feeling better now SJ. J was indeed a dearie! And I'm curious to know how the french toast came out eventually;)

  9. Hope you are feeling better now. Take care.

  10. Oh no. Hope you're feeling much better today. And hope you had a good trip. But it was such a hilarious write up. My hubby is like that too...will come and show me the quantity of whatever he's cooking, rice usually and ask "ishtu saaka ?" And then keeps yelling at me as to why I don't give him precise measurments..if 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice is not precise, I don't know what is !!! Sigh...men and cooking ! I am supposed to give him the "alte" (measuring) cup as well. There..you got me to do a rant right here. Sorry. Do get better soon.Looking forward to seeing the photos of your trip.

  11. Bedazzled Thanks! Yeah I am searching for that IV on Amazon :P

    Nags, yeah lil better I still don't want to leave the bed :(

    LOL!!! Aparna negative. Training J hahahaha..dunno if thats going to happen!

    Thanks Arch. Yep I found taro leaves n brought them back and made pathrode. I hogged like I have never seen food before. I must have downed some 15-17 of those. PLus those leaves itched. No clue what I was thinking!

    Shalini, J told me everyone is going to think the same LOL!! Thanks I am much better nw.

    Rush my love for masale dose exceeds that of vade :P Have been dying to have a decent one. I have to goto school tomorrow to hand in something. Maybe in the late evening if you are online?

    RGB< I asked him about the toast last night. Apparently it was "raw in the middle" He must have dunked it for 10mins!

    Yeah I much better now Thanks Sonu!

    Appu its been so long since I heard from you!! Ayyo everytime he came asking 'ishtu saaka" I felt like getting up and making that damn thing myself! Anyway he said "kakka thara ethu a french toast" LOL!!

  12. LOL @ Rainbow color and orange sewage discharge... hihihihihi...

    hope u feelin better nao. :) TC

  13. To be honest I really wished you would tell us in the end that the ER people patted your tummy and asked you which is ur fave colour blue or pink? :(

    So now you are feeling well? You should have smuggled the IV bottles from the ER itself. The damn place has stacks of them I think...well they had in the Madras Medical College that I am sure off!!!

  14. Come home I say! Get on a flight and come. I will feed you milagu rasam and masala dosa.

  15. get well soon,SJ..gosh you were in a terrible state!! BTW,J sounds like a darling of a husband...Awww to all that he did for you :)

  16. if you are preggo then not just 9 months you will feel puky for the rest of your life...

  17. oh so sad you are unwell, well it was fun to read though, bega ready aagi, put up the photos love to see it.... get well soon mamu....

    take care and keep writing..........

  18. LOL.....tht was really funny;-D. "Mudu I found glucose tablets kane!"
    Ur hubby is really sweet;-D

    Ages since I came here...but the good thing is tht I get to read so many posts all at 1 go;-D

  19. just what I need on a crappy Friday :) super awesome brilliant !!


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