Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh my gosh!

I thought a news channel is supposed to report international/national news. News= war, famine, drought, politics, scientific breakthroughs and other such newsworthy items.

Star news I think you really ought to change your name to Star's Gossip News.

When she is pregnant she has no choice, she has to deliver the baby (and you guys will get the photos somehow)! So dumb 3mins 57sec analyzing why she threw some sand. And me another fool for watching it!


  1. LOL! Yes, Star news should be renamed! We used to watch it whenever we wanted some laughs! Their 'news' is hilarious :) They would put the biggest gossips to shame :)

  2. Most hindi 'news' channels here are totally into gossip and the Bachchan family rules the TRPs. Aishwarya's first 'karva chauth' was covered for hours on their news channel...WIERD !!

  3. welcome to the news world ;)

    take care and keep writing.............

  4. Smiths,
    I landed here when I was searching for ash. songs :|

    LOL! I knew someone would tell me this Rush!

    Ash's karva chauth ? OMG imagine when she gets pregnant. News update every min- what she ate, what she pooped, what she drank, how much she drank/ate, what abhishek gave her, what her in laws gave her, what names are they thinking of, where will she deliver!LOL!

  5. WHAT?! this they showed? whats next? AB ke PJ ke naade ka rang hara kyun hai? - or something like tht? This is ridiculous!

  6. Poor Aishwarya, what if she genuinely has some problem and can not get pregnant?
    The latest is Tiger Woods. He is hogging the limelight.


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