Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate Burfi

I know, I know, I said I am going away and won't be posting anything. But I just had to share this recipe with you. For those who don't know what burfi is I have tried to define it, this is what chocolate burfi means,

chocolate = bliss, divine, I-love-you-even-if-you-are-fat
burfi = awesome, drool, dribble
chocolate+burfi = Heaven

Now that the technical part is all done lets get down to business of making this piece of heaven.
Ingredients: Source- Amma
1 tin condensed milk
Cashewnuts a handful
Cocoa powder 1/2 C
Butter 50g
Sugar 3/4 C

1) Grease a plate or baking pan.
2) Toast the cashew nuts.
3) Add the condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and sugar in a kadai or thick-bottom vessel.
4) Start to stir on low heat.
5) Stir, stir, stir...
6) The mixture will start to thicken and your arms will beg you to stop. Don't. You are burning 20Cal/min, keep going. Add the cashew nuts at this stage.
7) The mixture will start to come together as a ball- don't over do it, you will end up with chocolate itty-bitties!
8) Immediately pour into the greased plate.
9) Smooth the surface.
10) Cut it into the size and shape you want.
11) Cool completely.


If you find that when you cut the slices, the mixture is still gooey, take it back to the heat and stir again. If it crumbles horribly...well...then...its chocolate chips :|


I have not altered the pictures in anyway, they are straight out of the camera, so you should get the same colour!


  1. I thought you have back with your beautiful pics. OK...this sweet for your tum paas ho gayee! :)Pass my warm regards to your Ammma and tell her that your choco burfi recipe is superb! :)

  2. The pics are brilliant SJ - SOOC you say - even more awesome!

    So we should be able to cut the burfi when its still hot?? Hmm.. something tells me I may not get the consistency right the first time - I suck at making stuff that has to stop at a point and be of a certain consistency. But, I cannot but try this!


  3. You said your mom stays in Bangalore right?I am going to meet her.

  4. OMG, burfi looks perfect to melt in my mouth, Looks very tempting drooling over here!

  5. killer pics once again...i get 20 Kcal/sec when i look at them....

    how much do you run/jog tell me!!

    i knew it as a chocolate fudge ( made with butter sugar n coco powder only ) ....getting the right consistency for burfi is rocket science for me but if i call it fudge it will come out well i know..:)

  6. SJ..u r right on time...nehow i need to disobey my trainer at the i will go straight to the kitchen with a printout of this page...thankeeeee...:D:D:D

  7. you keep on giving me a huge complex and a ravenous appetite!! I just dont know how to deal with your blog anymore! The cake and the bow on your previous post just made me speechless and now this ready to melt in your mouth burfi has me drooling like an open mouthed amitabh bacchan in the awards shows!!

  8. I am not a burfi fan but your pics are just lovely...I love chocolate though.Pics are amazing and as usual the post is fun to read.

  9. How I wish I could grab a piece...and u've defined burfi so accurately...looks irresistible.

  10. that burfi seems scrumptious, ummmmm ummmm

    and i still gotta see you at my blog ;)

    take care and keep writing.............

  11. me not a crazy fan of barfis...but looking at chocolati version of barfis...i am drooling in the middle of the night, gosh now what do i do with this craving??

  12. You want a guinea pig for all the burfi and cakes you make??

  13. amazing,SJ! this sure looks lipsmacking! I'll certainly try this at home. Hope I dont overdo it :P

  14. Not much of a sweet person but the pics are so great that you are tempting me to make them.The cashew nuts are to be chopped into small pieces or are the whole?

  15. Awesome picture SJ!!, This will be tried at my kitchen for sure as I want to taste the heaven :p

  16. Really nice and simple! I think the condensed milk will give a chewy texture--normal barfis use Khoya/mava (milk solids) and they turn out very soft...but i'd like to try this version.

  17. such TEMPTING photos!! it looks just SINFUL!

  18. Your Chocolate Burfi looks absolutely heavenly. I'll have to muster up the courage to try & make these soon.

  19. hey,you've gone in hiding again?? no updates yet?

  20. still holidaying naa, lucky girl - think u needed a nice break after all that studying you did !! come back soon

  21. I cud literally put my hand inside and grab one :( a big chocoholic!


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