Thursday, November 12, 2009

Course 3, Cake 1

I have nothing interesting to post. No insane thoughts, ramblings or rants. Nada. Zip. Yeah even I am shocked. So I am just going post pictures of the cake I did in yesterday's class. I am doing course 3 which is all about fondant. We were supposed to do this cake,


The Wilton book has some really amazing cakes but this one did not appeal to me at all. I had some free time this week and pretended to be this master chef. I wanted to do a mehendi (henna) cake with a big bow (I know bow and henna don't mix, but whatevah) so I drew out my design on a paper,


I decided to use the 1st pattern dunno why. So this pattern repeat with a nice bow all done in burgundy ought to look like this,


Went to class, the teacher said that specific bow has to be done 3 days prior to decorating, damn! So I settled for the less exciting bow,


Made a pearl border in which all pearls were of different sizes :| Came home and sat doing the mehendi design on the cake.


IMG_4592 IMG_4591

It took me 3 hours to get the right colour, right consistency and the right look. And so there my finished cake,


There are some lines which are a bit crooked (hate that) but overall I think it looked good. I was using cake box mixes for all my cakes (lack of time) this time I made a carrot cake from Martha Stewart's site. OMG it was awesome (I ate all the trimmings) well, anything that has 3 sticks of butter ( :O ) has to taste good! This cake itself is 4 layered with cream cheese frosting in between.

Some final notes;
1) I heart fondant, its so much better than buttercream decorating wise. You can do anything you want and if its smudged it can be fixed, unlike buttercream.
2) Drawing on paper- easy and reproducing that on a cake -hardwork.

I going away for a few days to get away from this disgusting weather (did I tell you guys how much I ABHOR winter?)


Some place sunny and nice. I will be back with loads of pictures. I have a feeling this tree might want to join us. Poor thing.



  1. me loves the cake...if u are coming down west, i want u to bring along that cake(that is, if J hasnt pounded on it as yet!!!)
    wud love to get a slice of the creamy masterpiece, and yet my heart wud break cutting a slice off.
    How abt making some of those cakes which symbolises something..can u make a tulsi cake?? (picture of a green tulsi with a white background) i will ask anil to carry it to india and gift it to Vatsalya "creamy days ahead by Sj"

  2. Drooooling!

    Such lovely cakes SJ! You know, Poohi is sitting here gaping at them too :) She says, 'Amma, Lets buy that cake, you don't bake it' (She had been after me to bake a cake whole of this afternoon :) )

    Carrot cake - I love carrot cakes! I have to bake again.. This baking moratorium is too much for me :(

    The pics are lovely!!!!! Fall is lovely there!

  3. OMG! You didn't make that! I know you didn't!


    Because its BEAUTIFUL! I love the colours and the design. The bow looks so rich!

  4. Love the color contrast and design! wow pics. :)

  5. How can anyone feel like eating that thing, as in it's so pretty, you just wanna sit and admire it's beauty.You teach me everything you learnt about cake decor ok?Treat in bangalore, pukka.
    And the holiday,take me too :(

  6. i loved the colours SJ! But if you can draw like that on paper and say its tougher on cake, then i think i will S.U.C.K.

    I am going to join some cake classes. anything!

  7. Man...u r one treasure house of talent....i bow to thee....enjoy your vacation

  8. The color combo of the cake looks extraordinary, looks very bright, the bow adds an extra touch! Have a nice time!

  9. Such a pretty cake SJ !! really innovative - mehendi design on a cake !! Have a great break and come back soon...

  10. The cake looks real pretty. And simply loved the bow. Who ate it?
    Enjoy your moment in the sun and come back with lots of stories. And pictures.

  11. i heart your cake, my god its so awesome makes me wanna jump into some cookery classes rgt away... lip smackingly delicious

    and i still gotta see you at my blog, hope to cya there soon :)

    tak care and keep writing.............

  12. What a pretty design! I want to take that class too!

  13. geez... what pics !! and what a cake... !! lovely !!

  14. poor tree should be fed some of the cake. Maybe it'l bear cakes next spring. Woweee.
    Apologies. The cake made my mind go woozy. You have a warm time :)

  15. looks mindblowingly great

  16. The cake looks SO pretty!
    Wasn't aware that you are blogging again!

  17. What a gorgeous cake SJ!
    Loved the color, looks so elegant and i must say you draw really well :-)

  18. Hey love your cake. I had taken the class too but mine doesnt look anyting like yours! And I dont like the taste of fondant so buttercream it is for me... hope to see more of your cakes

  19. Ur cake looks absolutely yummylicious:-))


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