Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who said thesis is fun?????!

This post if for all those who said I didn't do any research/thesis is fun.

List of formatting corrections that needs to be done by this Friday.


After struggling with MS Word for 4 hours, I called J and made him come home early. He is working on this thing now and all I can hear is, "Oh dammit!", "Insert the page number you moron", "which fcking person designed this fcking thing?,"uhhh..I hate it, I hate this stupid fcking thing" and other such colourful phrases. Technical matter is so much easier to write/edit than disgusting margin/page number/figure only 2" by 3" and other formatting crap ugh!

A happy news (nope not preggers), I made Handvo! Woohoo my first ever Gujarati dish. I pestered poor Arch some 2-3 times, had doubts all stages! Like a proud girl I say, my first Handvo :D clap, clap, clap! Thanks Arch.

She asked me bake it in a muffin pan but I was out of paper liners and the last thing I wanted to do is wash that muffin pan. So I baked it in a 9" pan and made a aluminum foil tent over it :P. She made mint chutney so I made mint chutney :D


Both of devoured 3/4 of that big 9" thing in one sitting! Yummylicious! Get the recipe here.


  1. Looking at ur pics, I immediately recognized that it's yummiest piece of Handvo. :) Such a lovely and healthy snack and dinner/lunch for me. Wait for my version too. ;) :)

  2. i always dream of making one of those gujju things. even bought eno salts for the dhokla. never got around to it, though..

    the mint chunty looks yum.. and sesame.. anything seasoned with sesame has GOT to taste good!

  3. lazy bums like me leave a research thesis midway n gorge on to such delicious handvo...yummm....

    smart people do it all eyes turning green n some dhuan dhuan...kuchh jal raha hai....
    i hope you understand dhuan in hindi...:)

  4. Clap Clap !! your handvo looks lovely, seems to have browned perfectly ! All the best to J for formatting that...formatting is a nightmare !!

  5. Ok even though i dont know what it is its delicious and the photos, oh my god they are breath taking awesomely snapped really :)

    take care and keep writing...........

  6. I dont know about Thesis.. but I love Handwo !!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P

  7. Honestly I had never heard of Handvo before. Looking at the pictures, it seems very yummy.
    Good you have a husband who can do all that for you na? Mine can only drive. A car that is. Sometimes he drives me crazy too, but thats another blog post...

  8. All that thesis talks make me scared. You just get it done with and blog about funny stuff coz you know some of us have thesisphobia!!

    Oh my I have never tried making Handvo even though I like it. The only gujju food I hate is Dhokla for some weird spongy reason.

    The pic looks gorgeous with the mint chutney

  9. I dont want to talk about ur formatting but that handvo is so SO good. No wonder u guys finished it in no time!

  10. I have never made or eaten Handvo, but it looks great - the pics are great too.. somebody enjoys taking pictures here!!! I love everything that goes well with mint chutney!

    By the way Homecooked and I have the same plates :)

  11. And I am going to kill you next time you say ur pictures are not good.

  12. Oh dear! You made poor J work on your thesis!

    As for your handvo - it looks yummy! I will try it out- am for anything that involves baking :)

  13. Good that you showed us your thesis papers..I seriously had my doubts especially after seeing all the crochets and ymmilicious cakes

    The handvo looks delicious!But mint chutney as a garnish,seriously??


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