Monday, November 2, 2009

Bourbon Biscuits!

Do you guys remember Bourbon biscuits? As kids we used to separate the biscuits and lick the chocolate cream that held the two biscuits, then eat those sugar crystals that were sprinkled on the biscuit then finally we got to the actual biscuit! My mom used to make Bourbon biscuits quite often. I got the recipe from her sometime ago and decided to give it a try today.


3 tsp cocoa powder
250g all purpose flour
120g butter
1/2 tsp baking soda
120g sugar
2 tsp honey

for the cream:
25g butter
50g powdered sugar
1/2 tsp cocoa powder

1) Preheat oven to 375 F.
2) Cream the softened butter and sugar till fluffy and light. Mix in the honey.
3) Sieve the flour, baking soda and cocoa powder.
4) Mix the dry and wet ingredients together to form a soft dough (add milk if it doesn't form the dough).
5) Roll out the dough on a parchment paper covered surface. Cut into 2" long biscuits.
6) Sprinkle sugar on the biscuits and bake for 15-20 mins.
7) Cool on a wire rack.
8) Mix the butter, sugar and cocoa powder and smear it on the cooled biscuit. Cover it with another biscuit.


1) The biscuit by itself was very crisp but a bit too sweet (I wonder why!). Next time I'm going to decrease the quantity of sugar and up the amount of cocoa instead.
2) I would increase the quantity of cocoa in the cream also next time. Or omit the cream totally!

I cannot recollect the taste of the biscuits that my mom made, but if it were this sweet then its no wonder why we got all hyper when she took out that over of hers!!


Blogs dictate my dinner menu (somedays!). Arch posted her kasuri methi aloo gobi today and I made it for dinner.


Very, very tasty! Get the recipe here, thanks Arch!


  1. I remember the time, we used to eat Bourborn. Yours looks exactly same what I have in my mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whoa!That brown color is awesome,seriously.I like fruit creams better(Ye, I die for chocolate though)but looove the biscuits :D

  3. ohh i rem this! ur mom used to make them?! wow!! i'd lick the cream (which was white no?) and then put the biscuits back ;) once i get caught, amma wud make me eat the biscuits alone :(

    btw, its bourbon with a second O

  4. Bourbon biscuit at home, tats awesome!

  5. darn! All you awesome food bloggers are going to conspire and make me cook. The bourbon biscuits look so heavenly!

  6. Lol u cracked the recipe of bourbon biscuits....looks absolutely perfect..back with a bang haah??

  7. Madam ji..., it is not good for you to tempt us soo much. They look purrrrfect. Thanks for sharing..

  8. Bourbon biscuits! My kids love them. So does the father. Every time I buy a packet,I have to hide it.Otherwise when guests come I get into a very embarrassing problem. Packet intact but no biscuits inside.
    I need to buy an oven first I think before I even try to sharpen my non-existent baking skills. Till then I will stick to aloo gobhi with kasoori methi.

  9. Mmm.. even it kindles my memories back home.. yummy!

  10. I love bourban fact I love anything even remotely related to chocolate!

    will try the recipe out.

    The aloo gobhi looks yummilicious!

    BTW,I made the bread-banana puddinga nd it came out really well.not as good as the one you made though,but Namnam & R liked them.

    Thanks a ton,SJ :)

  11. Thanks Sonu! Try it out except use a ruler while cutting them makes it look neat and tidy. I couldn't find my damn ruler and did free hand. Each biscuit is different grr..

    HB, get an oven from korea! I remember only orange cream in some round biscuit.

    Dammit Nags! Of all people you had to find a spelling mistake :0. Ya my mom used to make butter biscuits and this one very often. White cream? I think it was definitely brown.

    Thanks Sharmilee.

    Meira, just get the store bought ones and arrange them on a plate nobody will know ! :)

    Prathiba, no my mom had already cracked it!

    Sush the first thing that came to my mind when I read the recipe was "no eggs"! If you have an oven try it out!

    Aparna, every time I post a recipe involving baking powder/soda I think of Ishita. I remember you saying that she is very fond of baking. Oven for Xmas!!

    Sanghi, same here. I loved these.

    Deeps, alu gobi was fab. Thanks for trying out the pudding! Use a ruler to cut these out -well if you can draw a straight line (unlike me) go ahead and do free hand. All my biscuits came out looking junglee!

  12. What do you mean you remember bourbon ?? huh ... I eat it every other day !!!!!! :P :P :P :P

    Recently even Parle has come out with their version of bourbon and its even better than britannia ones.. !!!!

    and btw those pics are seriously droolworthy !!!!!

  13. Bourbon biscuits and milk--the stuff childhood is made of! :) Welcome back, SJ--missed you around here.

  14. wow!I have always loved Bourbon and urs looks exactly same. Thanks for sharing

  15. SJ, here's a shashtanga do you manage this ? Bourbon biscuits at home, you are something else man !
    My son loves them and its amazing that the first time he had a cream biscuit, the opened it up and licked all the cream...he still does that and then very generously offers me the rest of the biscuit...And yes, blogs rule my daily menu too..glad you tried and liked the aloo gobi...

  16. Wow..the biscuits look awesome, ur mom used to make lucky. It's still my fav cream biscuit and I still love to lick the cream first:)...gotta try this sometime.

  17. i am absolutely tempted to make those perfectly brown BBBs but i think i have to be content with aloo gobi for now...
    see i have motivated myself so much for healthy eating that 3 luring pics of BBBs are being ignored and the single pic of aloo gobi looks tempting to me...:)

  18. Sheesh I thought Bourbon recipe was a secret of Britannia guys :(. Your mom definitely is a genius...

    I never had time to lick the cream and then pick at the sugar coz we fought for it like stone age guys...and the one who got it...gobbled it up!

    SJ what all you know to bake ? Mind-blogging I say :)

  19. Remember Bourbon?? They are my childhood favourite and I still pick them up here and eat the whole pack in a go - before daughter gets her hand on it :)

    You made these, SJ! They look amazing and I can almost smell them! Now I have to try making these!

    btw, inspired by your previous post, I went and found a crochet class near here which I fill join as soon as I get my driving license. I had been trying to teach myself using resources online and I am just not progressing beyond the chain st :(

  20. Hitchy, I haven't seen Bourbon biscuits here thats why the do you remember. The biscuits were delish if I may say so myself :)

    So rightly said Saee. Madam you are yet to update your blog! Thanks for missing me!

    Pari try it out if you get the time :)

    Arch!!! Your namaskara is accepted! LOL! Just take a look at the ingredient list 5-6 things mix and roll and cut! I think the cream licking is in born not learnt!! LOL! Hugs to him!

    Ya Poornima my mom learnt these at a baking course and she used to make these pretty often. Cram rules huh!?

    Once you are off the diet then you can make these Sangeeta :)

    My mom got the recipe from her baking class, it might not be original Britannia Bikki recipe tho'! LOL @ stone age guys!! Sakshi u made bread remember?!

    Smitha, I am so glad everyone is a Bourbon fan! Let me know how they turned out :)
    Yaaay!! Crochet! Yep the same thing happened to me as well, couldn't get past the chain stitch! And those pattern gahh gave me such a migraine! Hey you should join a site known as Ravelry. I can easily spend 4 hours browsing that site! Good luck for your classes!

  21. yeah ..I remember Bourbon bikkis. I used to love it as a kid and cldn't pronounce them right. I used to always call it " bow bow biscuits".Ha ha.

    Funnily enough, my mom also used to make them at home. Thanks for the reminder. Since i'm going back home in Dec, this will go in into the list of treats I want her to make :))

  22. I never knew this could be made at home. Amazing! Bookmarked!

  23. The bourbon biscuits look heavenly, almost made me lick the comp screen..!! I dont think I can gather up enough courage to try it though, am sure mine would come out like choco filled pancakes!! I just will keep looking at the screen and run to the nearby store and get the packets and just hog..I know I am going to do that in a very short while, the way you have put up the pics,,,its making me go mad..

  24. Great bourbon biscuits can be done at home,i never knew it.Looks just like store brought.


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