Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weighty Issues

Dear weighing scale,

How could you do this to me? It is SO not fair, snifff... I made gulab jamoons, kaju katli, poha payasa and murukku for Diwali. How many did I eat? 1 of each. How many did J eat? 10-15 pieces of each. Last Sunday I made onion pakodas, you know rainy day, tea time snacks. I ate half a pakoda only to check if the seasonings are ok. J ate 9. Thats right, N-I-N-E.

What does he munch in his office? Raisins, no not the ordinary ones the man only eats chocolate covered raisins. What do I munch at home, 7 baby carrots with 1Tbsp hummus at 11pm then 1 apple at 3pm. J's exercise 25 steps from the door to the lift and 17 steps to his car then some 100 odd steps through the day, then punching the keyboard. Me, I bust my ass from 4.30 to 5.30am doing this,
laundry ok ok I don't handwash the clothes the machine does it, but I still hand fold them, washing dishes, cooking, vacuuming and the most calorie burning of it all-running after my hyper 16mo( what you didn't know I had a 16mo? Are you not my FB friend :D).

Even after all this how could you tell J- 'you have lost 1.8lbs since your last weigh-in' and tell me 'you have gained 1.8 lbs'?!

Sigh, I don't know what else to tell you except, I hate you.
Yours Insincerely,


  1. Wah you are back! :)

    Gulp you wake up at 4.30 am to exercise? and here I am wide awake at 4.30 browsing blogs *hangs head in shame and moves towards her pantry to look for something to munch*

    Hope you will be blogging regularly from now on. Miss all the fun!

  2. yeah , life's not fair like that.

  3. you're back and in style...finally !!!

  4. hey you are back :-)

    Come on post some more...waiting !!!

  5. what the heck? we need to do something about this yaa..

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!! You're back..... Hope to see an active Masala Vade from now on... :)

  7. hy SJ,
    just found your your space..
    great post with awesome presentation..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  8. ROFL - Loved every bit and I have to agree with you ! I diet and eat healthy the whole day and scale shows an increase. And then I hog like crazy, and then it reduces - duh !!


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