Friday, January 13, 2012

Whole foods plant-based diet experiment.

"aiooo.. look at this stupid belly and idiotic love handles, they just don't want to leave me", said I to J for the 10th time this week.
"give it time, you are working out it has to go" came the reply.

Ah? thats the point, I am working out so shouldn't they be gone already? I lost 2lbs and thats it, the number on the scale has not changed at all. I have not lost lbs or inches. Then few days ago I watched the documentary "Forks over knives". It was about two doctors who proved that with a whole foods plant-based diet (WFPD) one can overcome high cholesterol, diabetes and other ailments (in addition to losing weight). You can get all the information about the movie here-

Ah? I do not eat meat so what is it with me and belly fat? Then I looked at my kitchen counter,

- Veggie chips are not mine (I hate American snacks, I find them too bland) it belongs to J (and like you, I am also wondering why he picked up that huge bag from Costco). Those fried peanuts and channa chor are mine. Coated with besan and spices then deep fried yummm...
-The chocolates belong to J, that doesn't stop me from popping 1 or 2 or 3 during the day.
-Biscuits, are bought for my kiddo (who does not like them) he eats may be 1/4 of it and puts the rest in my mouth.
- Also not there in the picture is a huge bowl of gulab jamun I made last weekend. They call out to me every morning and night "eat me, eat me" they say and how can I say 'nay"?

I think I know now why belly fat wants to be my BFF. So I have decided to make myself the guinea pig for this experiment, where I will eliminate the following food items for 4 weeks.
- dairy: milk, ghee, butter, cheese EXCEPT yogurt. I am a South Indian I cannot do without my curd rice. However I am going to limit myself to only 1/2 c of yogurt.
- sugar: (I want to die right now sniff..) I intend to use Agave/honey instead again very moderately.
- all processed food like all purpose flour, white bread etc.
In the movie they eliminated even oil (even olive oil because it was refined/processed product) I have no clue how to do a tadka or saute onions without oil. So I plan on use oil but less than 1Tb.

How long is this torture, I mean experiment going to last?
4 weeks. Starting from Monday Jan 16th till Feb 13th. Why Monday and not today? I have to stock up on fruits and non-dairy milk and also make some sweets for Sankaranti.

Workout plans?
I absolutely hate walking/jogging. It bores me to death. I need something intense, something that will make me sweat like a pig, pant like a dog and the workout should just fly by and not give my brain a chance to get bored. So I will be doing Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire and Jillian Micheals' Ripped in 30 (its not new I have been doing them so I will just continue with those workouts).

This is going to be easy and hard. Easy because I don't like cheese/ghee/butter, hard because I love me some cakes/ice creams/shakes/juice/fried items. I usually don't do such drastic diet changes, the only time I did such a thing was going on a stupid no-carb diet with a friend for 1 week. It was SO horrible, I was still in school at that time, I just couldn't focus and was hungry all the time ( I mean what can a vegetarian eat on a no-carb diet?! and what the hell was I thinking going on that diet!),this seems hard but very much doable. And I do expect very drastic results by drastic I mean like 4 inches off my waist that kind of thing.

I know what some of you might be thinking, 'why are you putting this up on the blog?'
1) this blog is almost dead wait it is already dead. I don't go out, we have no social life whatsoever so there is not much that I can write about. I seriously considered closing down this site, because I don't like things to be in limbo (like this site write 1 post and disappear for 2 months) and I don't want to write crap just for the sake of writing because I am a severe OCD case, I don't like half-assed jobs. I mean if a recipe says roll the cookie dough to 8' by 13' I will get a measuring tape and measure my dough, I am that anal (or nut loose, no wonder I love Alton Brown). So this WFPD experiment will give me something to write or maybe even some recipes to share.
2) I also thought about making a private blog and writing about my WFPD experiment (I have to document it because I want my mom and sister to read about it) but there might be people who have the belly fat-BFF thing going on so it might help/motivate someone.
Get ready for Sunday cos I am going to be posting pictures (who doesn't like before and after photos?!) and all the measurements. It is going to get ugly.

These are really good to watch,


  1. aioo...don't close down this space. i will even read every step of your experiment and err dance like a cheerleader if it comes to that. Just write woman and why don't you write about the things that little guy is up to these days?

    Ps: Btw did you celebrate Ramaswamy's death anniversary last year?

    1. Ms. Craked Chronicles why are you not posting these days? I don't want to write about the lil guy here. Rama who? ;p I should have just sent that fish to your place!

  2. Don't close down, don't close down!

    and YAY to this experiment I am going to watch and see how it goes for you and then *maybe* take it up *cough* keep us posted or else i will keep bugging you

    1. OK I won't close -for now :D Ahh this experiment is giving me the shivers, no Belgian Chocolate Shake from Hagen Daaz wahh wahh...

  3. I need the motivation - big time, so ya, keep posting...

  4. Goodness! You are one brave lady! I am scared just looking at your plans :) Do post, maybe reading all this will make me want to diet as well! I should probably do a post about my junk cupboard :( That will name and shame me enough to stop eating junk :)

  5. Smits, actually I am giving up only sugar, eggs and dairy and fried items and chips and bawlllll....


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