Monday, January 16, 2012

The ugly pics.

Sorry for the delay in posting, weekends are SO busy. Anyway here you go,

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See those love handles? Ugh. I hate them and see the extra fat hanging off the arms yuck yuck yuck. When I wave at people I only want my hand to wave not other things.

I have saved the best for last-


If you are still alive read the measurements-
Waist- 35'
R. thigh- 22'
L. thigh- 21.5'
Arms- 10.5'
Weight- 123lbs

I had my last sweet sugary bubble tea yesterday. I bought almond milk (I don't like soy milk) surprisingly it tasted better than cows milk. We shall see how this goes.

Oh wait before you go I just have to show you my hilarious and weird Shankaranti platter. Its just too funny,


 methi-palak muthias from Tarla Dalal, green chutney, rava ladoos, ridgegourd chutney and Idiyappam from Raghavan Iyer's 660 curries. I know it looks like a normal day menu for some of you (which is why I had to put this up!), but I so done with searching for menu. Cooking is the easy part coming up with a menu is hard. How was your festival hopefully you made something more delish than my sad platter!


  1. First of all, if those were pics of you fat, then how thin were you?????? You call this ugly? Girl, you haven't seen me :( Sob sob!!! This is all a conspiracy to make me diet and exercise :(

  2. I knew someone would say this to me cos I look at those skinny girls running marathons on that treadmill and call them crazy. I was like this all the while its only now that I want some definition and tone in my body.

  3. You had a baby? congratulations!! Dude you're 123 lbs after a baby, you look fabulous, stop whining. There are a lot of people who'd kill to be your size pre-baby, trust me. Just keep doing what you're doing and stay away from anything that looks remotely tasty and you'll meet your goals.

  4. Girl, when I wear knitted tops you can see a huge tyre right in the middle area which I hate. I am staying away from tasty things- sugar wah wahh..

  5. You can trick your body into thinking it's's called spanx:) Just give it a while, you'll stop craving sugar, you're in withdrawal.

  6. This is amazing for post-baby SJ, but great going, so you going to publish your daily food intake too ? Will be an inspiration to many,and me for sure !!

    1. Arch, I am just avoiding things I eat almost everything except white rice (I should be eating brown) but I can't cook 3 different things for 3 people so I am going with white rice. I snack on grapes or carrots no sugar no oil no refined products.


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