Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The sms convo post - the one that could potentially jeopardize my industrious blogging career

me- off2 d beach v go, u guys cuming?
my sis- want to but i hav my blud cancer...cnt cum :(
me- ohh my condolences.
she-oh i know. Thank u
me- actually i wanted 2 write pls convey my condolence to ur uterus :D
she- podi luse. My uterus is cryin blud tears..
me- aioo papa rakta kaneeru? Actually tell P my condolences dis time also he cudnt get u preggers hahahahhahahahaha :D
she- aioo i dnt want also di. Thank u
me-Then remove that uterus and throw it in the bin di, chumma waste of space n money buyn pads. U fill dat empty space with anothr lung or kidney.
she- actually ur rite. its a waste of space n money...U want ah di xtra uterus?
me- no space sorry.
me- I think i mite put our convo on d blog watduthink?
she- I'l kill u di i swear. I'l cme n drown u in d beach..
me- Y di? Its funny no? Nobody knws u anyway so y r u worid?
she-R u kiddin me?
me- hey i need anthr post man n dis is a gud story, pls di.
she- Nooo...

*as you can see my sis and I are missing few vital screws.
*people with siblings, is this normal?
*she doesn't even live in Chennai, so she couldn't have come to the beach if she wanted.
* this might be the end of Masala Vade, goodbye my dear readers.


  1. ROFL! What a killer convo, SJ! Oh and BTW my condolences in case you get scrunched and crushed by your sis for posting this convo here :P

  2. Where is my comment? I did leave one here!! SJ, wake up!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. lol blood cancer?? now that's quiet innovative :)

    sn't it good to have sis like her whose condo you can upload here? My bros are useless I tell you and as you can see my blog is dying a horrible death :(

  5. i hope your sis doesn't read your blog post!

  6. Vaalu! and I guess u have a real big one. Naughty female


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