Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why my kiddo will not get LKG admission.

Me- I was looking at that school your friend recommended, they have an entrance exam for std.1 to 12th admission!!! And for LKG/UKG admission the kid has to answer their questions and identify colours or something.
Jay- That is so retarded!
Me- yaa I know. Anyway, I taught the boy something new today morning. Wait I'll show.
Me- Chinnu, toilet paper yakke use madthare? (what do we use toilet paper for?)

*He probably won't get an admit even in the govt. schools!
*If you are wondering why I taught him about toilet paper, well, we spend half our day in the loo so its natural that we end up talking about tap, water, potty, flush, toilet paper sigh.
*and no I don't use toilet paper in my sambhar.


  1. You know what? Very soon he can write super funny posts on this blog. Hahaaa!

  2. LOL! I loved that! Sambhar of all the things :) How did you manage to teach him that though :)

  3. Thank god for the last sentence!! else I wud have abandoned this page... PERMANENTLY! ;)

  4. Hahaha! Phew for that valid explanation in the end! :D

  5. serves you right....why do you want to teach him things for such a monstrous thing as an interview?? god pavam boy.

    Ps: I remember that your Sambhar was really awesome...err I am starting to get doubts :(


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