Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buns- fried not baked!!

My mom used to make this is an after school snack, but I learnt that this was a breakfast item, when I was working in Agumbe. Soft and subtly sweet they used to serve this with either chutney or bhaaji. I ended up having these buns for breakfast practically everyday during my entire 2 month stay! J is very fond of them and has been pestering me for about...ahem..3 years now to make them. I kept putting it off because its deep fried, cholesterol, unhealthy etc. Last Sunday I decided to give it a try and got the recipe from my mom. I got a total of 12 buns, J polished off 5 in a single sitting (do I need to stress again how much he loves these?!). These buns stay fresh for about a week.

If you have over ripe bananas and you are okay eating deep fried food, you definitely have to give these a try.

Mangalore buns:
1.5 C APF
1 ripe banana
1/4 C sugar
1/4 C yogurt
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda

1) Mash the banana. Mix it with the APF, salt, sugar and baking soda. Mix well.
2) Add the yogurt little by little till you get a soft smooth dough. (Its better to keep the dough slightly stiff because the fruit oozes water and the dough will get sticky)
3) Set aside for 1 hour.
4) Pinch off small balls of the dough and roll into small thick disks. Don't roll it out too thin. Thick is better.
5) Heat oil to 375 F and deep fry the buns till golden.

Its usually served with chutney or spicy bhaaji. But these were just delicious as is. The sweetness depends on how ripe the banana is, increase the sugar if you want it more sweet.


On a different note, we had a nice long weekend. Some people went camping, few others awaited their in-laws. We went to the National Arboretum. 2 acres of herbs plants, bonsais, enormous collection of trees and flowering plants, its any nature lover's paradise. A few pictures:





wind catchers





Have a nice week everyone!


  1. mangalore buns..takes me back to my native place of udupi!!
    great pictures..bet u had a flowery weekend!!

  2. never had these.. looks so tempting though.

    lol.. yea mb has become so fat.

  3. mine is kallianpur, but i guess we have relatives in kundapur..the name rings a bell!!
    i can feel the connection!! LOL
    But seriously, nice to see a mangi :)
    tulu is our code language, watsay?

  4. The buns look awesome...have bookmarked it, Manoj is gonna love these.

  5. I am seeing this for first time..n I loved it..kick off those chutney's..I'd mucnh it as such..looks lke our Poori from outside no..yum..:)
    n u were so right about geida n alton brown..12th chemistry..rofl..:D:D

  6. am so daydreaming nowadays about the food am gonna be served when I land there...add this one to the list too okies??
    Yeah that someone went camping in cape cod only to find half my neighbours already camping there...arrgh!! You seem to have enjoyed a flowery weekend...should I say I loved the pics??? well its better than mine which I am not gonna put up now on my blog thanks to you...

  7. banana? hmm... i think i know how these taste, I THINK..

    btw, what camera do you use? the orange bic is gorgeous :)

  8. The buns looks awesome and diff too i have bookmarked it..All the photos are fantastic.

  9. Those Buns look just amazing...I loved all the photos of those flowers

  10. Flowers looks so gud...nic pics...we make this bun too but a bit diff way...looks gud

  11. Have had these buns in one of our friends place, they are from mangalore...Luved the taste!
    Wonderful pictures out there!!

  12. Oye! and lovely lovely pics man. You have a natural talent. Get a food styling job :D

    And I've not tried this but heard so much about it! Tonite is Lauki Kofta!

    And I'm going to post it!!

  13. The buns looked awesome. And the best part is the ingredients are always at home. Have to try these on a Sunday. BTW, your pics are fabulous and the flowers also looked good enough to eat.

  14. beautiful buns:-) I remember having this when I traveled to Mangalore with my parents long long ago! your pics are amazing and beautiful

  15. Delicious Buns ! I'm ok with occasional frying,no other way my pakodas or vadas can be cooked to the delicious crisp texture.Love those shots of nature's beauty:)

  16. I have had mangalore buns loong ago .. but never made them at home .. loveluy photos

  17. Never had Mangalore buns but have a heard a lot abt them in the blogosphere. Urs look delicious. Very beautiful flowers too. Btw I made your sticky rice with mangoes and it was awesome. Will post it for MBP: Mangoes.. Thank you very much for the recipe.

  18. Wow...atlast i have sumone talk abt it.I've been looking for this recipe for long.This was served at my office cafeteria in India and missed having them now.Yummy one,Thanks for the recipe:)You have a nice blog here!

  19. Oh wow...we call these bubus roti in konkani...absolutely love them...And your pics are fab SJ...start a tutorial for us kane...

  20. those buns look soooooo fluffy SJ, awesome!And wat do i say abt the other pics now.....better make this as ur profession!

  21. @Rush,
    They take me back home sniff sniff..
    @ Mahima,
    All things deep fried are tempting ;P
    Let me know how it turned out!
    somewhat like poori but thicker and sweet.
    What? I want to see your pictures! Post it or else no masala dosa
    You would have tasted it somewhere..
    @Pavitra, Prathiba,Priti,
    Thank you!
    They are good no? just don't want to stop eating!
    Waiting for Lauki kofta
    @Aparna, Shreya,Yasmeen, Deesha,
    Thank you!
    Yaaay! I am so glad you tried sticky rice and liked it! I am waiting to see your pictures!
    Thank you!
    Ya, whole of Agumbe was like mini konkani country!! Often we had dali thoy! I can't start any tutorial cos I let my camera do all the work! Tutorials are best left to the experts like Nags.
    Yes, they were fluffy. They didn't remain for a long time though we finished them in a day!


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