Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hips, dance, yoga and such nonsense

When I am home alone, I like to have my lunch watching 'Shimmy'. Its actually a fitness show where PYTs belly dance like there is no tomorrow. Then I secretly try some of those 'shimmies' in my bathroom. And I curse myself for being unable to do a single sexy jatka those girls do. My hips just refuse to move independently! My MSc mates can vouch of that. I was forced to take part in dances (for farewell, welcome and other such nonsensical parties the dept. used to host) and I was the worst! However loose I kept my body and tried to relax the hip never swayed, it remained stuck to my butt and the sexy jatakas and matkas came out looking more like a the movements of a 'Bangalore to Mysore' bus :( God knows how many people snickered behind my back. I don't blame them, I was so bad!

So anyways, I recently decided to work out at the gym. The treadmill and that stuck to the ground cycle does not work for me. I can manage not more than 5 mins on those gizmos. I get bored and just want to run back home. I prefer group exercises and I knew the gym had those. Yesterdays schedule had something called 'kwando' and I decided to check that out ( I didn't even bother to google it!). To my horror, the Kwando class had been cancelled and in its place was...Latin dance class GASP!!! The teacher was a 40 something feisty lady who was swaying her hips like silken tofu.
"make it sexy!!", "sexy cha cha chaa...", "shake your hips", "shake it! shake it! shake shake shake it" kept saying the dancing jello. All I could manage was a pathetic shake that looked more like a slow jog (usually done by 65 yr old grandpas in the park)!

After an hour of my so called 'sexy shake cha cha', it was time for pilates. Now this was more like my style and I was confident I could do this with much more ease (since I had taken yoga lessons in India). I was so disappointed to see that I couldn't even touch my toes (something I could do so easily then) or balance myself on my elbows. In addition to having a immobile hip, my body had turned into a stiff wooden pole :( . I came home and checked to see if I had any yoga-ness left in me. Ladies I present to you Sirsasana by yours' truly,


Woohoo!! I have something still alive in me!! I have decided to attend all those classes and hope to bring my rusted body to some form.

Latin dance class? What the heck, might as well go and try my 'bathroom shimmies' there. And when I can't shake or sway sexy, I can watch those yummylicious men lifting weights!!!


  1. SJ you show off!! I am the most rigid wooden body in the whole world. I can't even touch my fingers to my feet without bending my knees!! :( and I am petrified of Yoga!

  2. OMG - are you normal? I'm not meeting until I can do this!

  3. Wow, thats a super pose, if you can manage that, you have lot of yoga-ness ! I started pilates last week, along with kick-boxing - good fun so far, but bones creak every morning, when I wake up ! All the best with the jhatka-matkas...

  4. As soon as I saw the pose I remembered only the vikramadhitya story....ha ha ;) But I dont dare to try any of these anytime!

  5. Wow you have definitely mastered the art of Photoshop...what an hour glass figure you got for urself...all I know is how to make my brown skin look white through Picassa..
    U tried to learn all those sexy hip movements?? guess you can now sing My hips don't lie.....for J???

  6. :P I hate u for able to do shirsasana :P

    ~sulks and tries some shimmies~

  7. @Nags,
    Show off? Who me? Modesty is my middle name! No no you should not be scared of yoga. I think its the BEST exercise to tone the body, you should join a course and you will know!

    Okay I will come there and show you how to do it!

    Yaay!!! Have fun doing pilates and kick boxing. Exercise is always more fun when you do it as a group!


    I don't have photoshop ya! Thats my unmodified pear-shaped body. sigh..

    I can teach you this if you send me your baingan dishes on a daily basis ;)

  8. lol..amazng blog u have here!!

    ur stunts at the gym reminded me of my recent experience in Hotyoga, check it out -

    loved u in the topsyturvy action..wats the asana called?

  9. You go, girl! Shirshasana and all! :) Your Latin dancing class sounded like a lot of fun! And hey, u're losing calories too. Of course the added icing on the cake being the weight lifting men. Go for it! :)

  10. Nuts gal..u killing me k..hoohaa..guess what I did..sved the pic n made it straight to see ur red tomato face ready to burst due to all that my..god..:D..:P..But sure do admire u for making it gal..clap clap..:D

  11. Varsha can you send me the straightened pic?? Wanna see the tomato too...

  12. You are hilarious! I dare only simple yoga moves,my big bro. for one is a skilled at such complicated yoga asanas,he is also an instructor at art of living.

  13. mebe il put up in ma net post with pic courtesy to SJ..:D


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