Friday, May 29, 2009

A man and his knit crazy wife (and their pesto pizza)

Have you noticed how men hate shopping? My dad, uncles, cousins and now husband treat shopping as their nemesis. J usually finds a quiet place in the store and sits twiddling his thumb, while I go around the entire store looking at each and every garment. I visit all the sections;
*Men's clothing- I might find something for J
*Baby's clothing- I will have kids in future so might as well make a list on things to buy. Additionally baby clothes are SO cute!
*Jackets/wallets/ties/boxers/briefs/watches- Ideas for birthday/wedding anniversary/'OK whatever, lets make up' gifts.
*Lingeries/racy bras- Is this what Kim Kardashian wears?hmmmm....
*Perfumes/jewelry/purses- Gifts for me for being a wonderful wife/my birthday/'you are the greatest, lets make up' gifts.

Thus, I take approximately 1 hour to buy a tee shirt..ahem..time taken for the fitting trials not included. J can buy 4 tee shirts, 2 underwears and a trouser in 20 mins flat. Now if you think thats because he doesn't care for what he wears and is not very particular about the colour/pattern, think again. I wanted to knit a scarf for him so he picked out the yarn colour etc. When I was finally done, he said 'it's not like what other people wear'. I spent over 8 months buried in that yarn and needles, so you can imagine my state when he said that. Few beatings and "I am never going to knit anything for you" dialogue later, I knit a hat for my friend. It was my first hat so it was pretty simple and single colour. Here she is modeling in that hat,


When J saw that he bugged/threatened/basically ate my brain me to make a hat for him. He picked out the yarn this time also. "No fancy decorations", "no girlie designs", "no frills", "Should cover my ears in addition to my head", "Should not be too tight or too loose just right" and 100 other maddening demands. I spent about a week searching for the perfect pattern, I finally found the right one in ravelry. Took a week to knit it, he tried it on yesterday,


"Is this really a men's hat? Looks pretty girlie" he said. This time around I agree with him, it suits me more than it suits him ;). Since I already have a warm hat I am sending this to someone who I know will like it, my sis!! And because I am a good wife (read crazy about knitting) I decided to knit another hat for my boy. This time around I pick the yarn colour and choose the design. If this hat also gets rejected there might be some bloodshed in my house ;D

On the dinner table we had the famous A&N pesto pizza. The only changes I made was using bread flour to make the pizza crust and soy cheese.

It was out of this galaxy! Thanks guys!! Have a great weekend everyone!
PS- It took me 20 mins to figure out a title for this post, I played with everything from, "Men=fussy", "Men and shopping", "Men and hats", "The man, his hat and his wife" phew..hard work I say!


  1. nice hats..and funny post :)

    pizza looks awesome

  2. Beautiful hats! Love the second one.. Hope there is no bloodshed!!

  3. nangu A&N pizza beku!!!! hey who is that girl ya (Look at the girl not the HAT pic)..she is gorgeous.

  4. Luved the seagreen hat ur friend is wearing....Looks very pretty!

  5. hahaha so true! Even i struggle to find titles for when i write at truly madly deeply. btw, did you learn knitting from a book? (I know i know, i have a lot of ques, always!). anyway, its awesome!! :)

  6. Nice hats.....All the best for the nxt attempt gal...n that pizza looks quite delicious..

  7. Hats looks the 2nd one :)...umm A&N pizza does looks so attractive rite..I was thinking of tht too. now tht u hav also tried it..hmm its more tempting now..

  8. Hehe...aren't all guys the same, but thats a beautiful hat you knit, looks great...
    Coming to the pizza...can't stop looks heavenly.

  9. Argghhhh..I am nuts over that pink hat..its SOOO cute S..loved it..:)
    n the pesto pizza is mindblowing..:)

  10. Funny post!:) Love your hats, especially 2nd one. Here, pizza look so inviting.

  11. I loved the second hat, wish I had a sister like you, who could send me a hat ;)
    even I have an eye on A&N's pesto pizza.., will try it as soon as i buy my first oven :p

  12. that u wit the cap?
    no..wait, its ur friend..kindlady, when am i getting one of those great knits? *makes a doggy face*
    Pizza looks so tempting...will try grilling a pizza this week...watchout!!

  13. U knit too...I'm impressed, totally impressed !! and that pesto pizza is lovely...have made it from a&n's twice and its been a hit both times..hows the salsa going ?

  14. @MAhima,
    Yea, I don't want to spend an hour cleaning the blood!!
    That loose is you only, pls wear your glasses :P
    Replied to everything on FB!
    It was good alright!
    TY and the pizza was easy and delish!
    YEs, its cute but it won't look good on Miss. Boobs Giada!!
    @Sush, want to adopt me? :P
    @My experiments with cooking,
    Kindlady, if you give me grill for free I will knit a beret for you!! What say?
    TY! Salsa is not going on anymore, I am scared my hip might dislocate, so for now its only pilates and power flex and looking at men lifting weights :P

  15. Ha you knit what next?? Transforming yourself at night in a suit with an underwear over it and save men in trouble??? I am worried that M might come to know that you knit, he always blabbers about how women back in his place sit over a mat basking in the winter sun knitting sweaters and all those stuff...I have ignored those nudging to try knitting all these years coz I know am not gonna do it ever...Thank god we are coming over there in summers so hope all ur self made hats will be hidden..Loved the 2nd one and yeah if J rejects the next one you can send the rejected maal to my address....
    Can't even bare to look at that famous A and N Pesto Pizza...sobs
    psst psst...somehow missed this post on my damn reader

  16. dont play barter with me!!*grins*
    i was trying my luck!!


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