Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 2: I am a freaky eater

I am obsessed with pudi/podi. I am the only person in my house to buy and finish these spicy podis. Since J won't take any spice, my cooking is bland and I douse my food (from sambhar to palak paneer) in these podis (now you believe me when I say- I'm a freaky eater :D). I've tried quite a few podis, mum's, my aunt's and mil's (my aunt's garlic podi and curry leaf podi ranks supreme, absolutely delish. Mental note- get recipe from her, note 2- why is all this in brackets? whatever). Ah so, in the US I loved MTR the aroma of hing was hmmmm... zzzoooo good. I don't know why the same MTR podi here is so crap. Among the commercial varieties I rank Shakti idly podi as #1, aachi and MTR blegh. I'm yet to try Grand sweets/ Adyar ananda bhavan (if you know any Iyer maamis selling podi do let me know). I also tried some Chettinad podi I picked up form Singapore Shoppe (the store doesn't even have a Merlion statue, God knows why it's called Singapore shoppe) that was spicy and yum. Sri Krishna idly podi is good, their curry leaf podi is bad.

Without further delay I present to thee... The Podis :D

From L to R: Sri Krishna idly podi-yum, bought MTR hated it so decided to mix Shakti idl podi to salvage it, don't think it worked it still tastes meh, SK curry leave powder-bought it 2 months ago and must have eaten only 2 spoons didn't like, Chettinad idli podi- got it 2 weeks ago almost over yum.

Anyone else freaky podi eater like moi?


  1. same here ... We are obsessed with pudis n pickles

  2. Same here.. we are obsessed with pudis n pickles (Indian)

  3. Though I like podi/chutney pudi, my first love is pickle :D
    Glad you are back.
    Also, thanks for the ravelry link. Yet to try that hat :)

  4. i like podis but not obsessed. try the idli podi from grand sweets. that's super good too. but my fave is what amma makes. nothing beats it!

  5. @unknown- i find pickles slightly tart for my taste so not that crazy (I do have 3 bottles though !) :D
    Sushma- Ya ravelry you will waste more time browsing at the wonderful things others do and bookmarking everything :D

    Nags, I was in Grand sweets last weekend, should have bought a pack. next time.



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