Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 3: People and the rot they say

My 2yr old recently started play school. He never was good with strangers and as expected has been crying for the past 1 week. Sometimes what upsets me more than his crying is hearing some supremely dumb things some supremely dumb people say.

This was today:
parent- even now you pick him up at 10?
me- ya he still cries, doesn't like being here.
parent- he is always crying no?

"he is ALWAYS crying" I wanted to punch her face but didn't. I was furious that this absolute stranger judged a child whom she knew nothing about. Is that what one tells a mother who waits near the school compound for an hour daily seeing her child cry his lung out, praying that he stop and hoping at least the next day he shouldn't cry. Am pretty sure these people don't eat grass because a cow can empathize much better.


  1. these are the category of people who feel better when they put others down. just stay away and ignore.

  2. u should have socked her eyes out..!! some sadistic pleasures some moms get - "oh yours still cries..!!:. and i hope he settles faster. it takes time..!! mine howled for 3-4 weeks..!! and one day it stopped...just like that..!! and now she cries not wanting to come Home..!!!! u wil get there one day..!!

  3. u know what? they r not worth of your even 1 second of your time! if anyone asks abt your lil one crying, tell them that you know someone whose boy cries even after 1.3 years of joining the daycare :D Other day when one mom asked me why he still cries, i told her that unlike other kids my LO loves his parents a lot and prefers to be with us who are entertaining/funny/good playmates :D that made her shut her mouth!

  4. Ignore those people. My child cried till he was 4 years!! I got used to all kind of dumb reasons. Some dumbest ones for you..
    1. May be since you are working, you are not spending time with your little one & he is missing you!?
    2. You have a second child, your first one will get a company & he will learn to mingle with other children.
    My son wept continuously for 2 hours. He used to sit in a corner & weep the whole time (glad that phase is over!). We were in Singapore that time & his teachers were Chinese. His friends were Chinese too.
    Later when he started with nursery & kindergarten, he wept for a month while boarding the bus!
    The best part is, he used to start crying the previous night. He used to say, I don't want the night to go away. I want it to be dark forever so that I can stay at home :D
    He will turn six soon & even now, when we put him to a new activity he weeps for a couple of at least. What I felt about my son is, he does not want to go out of his safe space. That is part of growing up!
    I told a lot of my stories! Now, my son looks forward to go to the school & is very happy there. Allow your child to take his time. IGNORE THEM!

  5. I used to have the same experience when my older one started school..it took her some time to get adjusted...it was so heart-breaking to see her cry..
    People who pass such comments are heart-less!!!


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