Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 10: Idli

I like idlis however I'm not going to give you any gyaan on idlis because I suck at making idlis, it's always a hit or miss. I can make decent idlis with idli rava but I like the ones the Tamilians make with idly rice. I have tried all varying proportions from 1:1.5 to 1:3 sometimes it works most times it flops. So yesterday I was googling for Kushboo idli and found a recipe I liked (more pics of Kushboo than the idli- go on Google it) This one 
It was already 5pm so I quickly soaked the dal and rice (I used idli rice as raw rice is 40rps/kilo and can't afford to waste it on experimenting idlis :D) and the batter was ready by 8pm.

At 4am I thought "yaay! Kushboo idli day!' Ok I like idlis a lot. So by 7am I oiled the idli pans (with coconut oil, another thing i'm beginning to like...a lot) and filled the batter into the wells.

Loaded it into the steamer and set the timer. Fine! I love them idlis. Now continue to read.

it buzzed, the steamer sighed, I cried "finally kushboo idli' Ok dammit I'm crazy/obsessed about idlis.

I waited for 2mins before removing the lid, freed them from the pan ever so gently


and arranged them prettily in J's lunch box,

I stacked them on his plate. "look my love, kushboo idlis' said I, "huh? She started selling idlis now?' said he, 'grrr...-eat' replied I with a glare.

I made a thick paste of chutney pudi and coconut oil and smeared it onto the idli, took a bite

In idli heaven right now. Don't disturb, come tomorrow.


  1. Deva!!! You seriously are posting this just because you want to post all this month! right? no? yes? ;)
    by the way, I am bad at making idlis. and never heard of Kushboo idli. So thank you for your naan-sense post as it introduced me to Khushboo idli :D

  2. those are some good looking idlis, Suma! only need some gheeeeeeee :) post recipe please!

  3. sorry!!!! just saw the link.. duhhhhh!

  4. Those idlis look awesome, seriously..I like J's comment of u selling idlis now :D
    In Bangalore, there was this guy with this little stall selling idlis and had introduced khushboo idli...when i asked him what it was, he said 'khushboo(The actress) tara bellakke dappakke irratey'

  5. Yumm..I am going to make these idli's first thing when I get some time :) ..

  6. Wwhite and fluffy like the cheeks of the moon.......

  7. loved the last picture SJ! After couple of years of experiment, I am satisfied with my idlis :p

  8. Those indeed look lovely..:)) I am in love with idlis and this one is really tempting me..
    Yummy, yummy, yummy..:))



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