Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 17

I know I didn't write yesterday. I was supposed to write how fantastic my weekend was with my sister. But some recent developments have left me sad, very very sad. No, I didn't lose anyone or anything dear. For some it might not even be such a big deal. People are trying to cheer me up.
"It's ok ya, maybe it won't be that bad this time" my sister
"Sometimes you have to go through all these. Maybe it won't happen at all" Sara
"hogli bidu. What can you do now? Its all for the good." my mother

Unfortunately all this does not seem to help. It gets worse in the early mornings when the house is so still and my boy's chitter-chatter is missing.

The mind wanders, furiously
My heart flutters rapidly
Be still my heart, be still
It doesn't listen. Tears well up instantly
NO! Quickly now
Its wiped away before it hits the cheeks
One day it is going to flow- and the t-shirt sleeve probably won't suffice.


  1. Hey, what happened? I hope all is okay. Take care :) and hugs!

  2. What happened girl ?? Yaake ishtu dukhaa ?

  3. Hope everything is alright, Suma!

  4. Hello SJ!

    Kudos to you!

    Introduced to another lovely blog space through Nags's EG!

    Glad after knowing that you are also a Kannadiga! Yo Ho!

    May I ask, if I am allowed to ask, what is happening? There are no posts after September? I know, I don't know you, all that, but after going through your different posts, I felt right here that you spoke and shared all those things directly with me!


    Take care!



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