Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 7: Attitude

Few weeks back I was standing at the bill counter in Spencer's grocery store. I was carrying my boy in my left hand, my hand bag dangling from my right shoulder and I was balancing 3 apples in both hands (so talented, I know :D). I was standing behind an elderly man (and I do not stand close to the person in front me, I do not like it. I usually leave about an arm length space between me and the person in front). A college going or recently employed guy looked at me and stood in that space. I thought he was looking at the chocolates or something so for a while I didn't say anything then I noticed he was not browsing at chocolates and seemed like he wanted to bill his purchase.

me- emm... are you line?
he- yeah
me- but I was behind this man
he- so you should stand here why are you standing there? (like as if I was standing inside the freezer along with the paneer packets, loose cases I tell you)
and then he stood behind me and finally went off to another counter.

Shouldn't he have asked me first if I was in the line before he stood there? And even after I told him that I was in line, shouldn't he have apologized, instead of radiating his wisdom? Or is this behavior from scrawny 20yr olds pretending to look much older by sporting 5-6 hair on their chin and calling it a goatee normal?

Sometime I feel like if I had not stayed in the US I would not have made such a big deal of this. There people usually ask if one is in the line and sometimes the person having a baby or 1/2 items is allowed to go in front. Many a times I feel US spoils a person; I expect a thank you, sorry, please, a greeting. Or maybe it is just me who is acting like a stupid ex-NRI. Whatever it is I hope the boy doesn't get into a job where he has to deal with customers- no kiddo that would not be a good match.


  1. I so know what you mean. We get used to common courtesy and consideration, that the lack of it, is sometimes annoying. And sadly it is not just the twenty year olds. I've had this done to me by people of all ages:( At one time, one middle aged woman tried to cut the line because she had just a few things to bill. it was another story that most of us, standing in queue had one or two things to bill too.

  2. totally agree. manners are a big thing in the US and not so much in India. The only excuse I can think of is the population. Thats pretty much sums up the answer to all things wrong in india

  3. US or otherwise, its very very irritating when people jump queues. In Ahmedabad, its a standard feature. Older, younger, they just don't care and they have a list of excuses ready. Its so irritating and I always tell them, and they actually grin back !! And this please, sorry, greeting, unfortunately, just is not part of the system here :(

  4. sigh! I think it's a pretty normal thing in our country and I used to get irritated even before I came to US.

  5. ahh i usually tell people off much to my husband's annoyance (he will be like....let them go ahead....)....


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