Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok, so Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars. Did it deserve so many? I am not too sure. I never did like that movie. Why? Because,

1. I found the term "slumdog" derogatory. I do not think this movie would have fared any different if this term was not used.
2. This type of plot and theme has been used in a lot of movies. This is not the first. So why does it get special treatment? Because it was in English?
3. Many people including my American friends and the guy I am married to said " Oh! The way the flash back scenes were integrated into the story was really unique", "It was not just an ordinary love story" etc etc. People go get the tamil movie Autograph- plenty of flash backs plus it is well made. The love story was unique? I would like to know your definition of 'unique'. What the heck?!!! It was a stupid filmy mushy love story just like any other Hindi/ Tamil/Kannada/Telugu movie!!!
And the final reason for me not liking that movie,
ANIL KAPOOR- please retire and don't show us your face anymore. We have seen you enough!
Many people including, Chitra Banerjee Divakarun feel that Indians dislike this movie because we Indians do not like showing the real state of our country. I ask you one thing , so what did the slum kids gain by this? All this initial Oscar hullabaloo will soon fade and those kids will be a distant memory. We do not even know if the world is laughing with us rejoicing at the success of this movie or laughing at us for the state our country is in.

Incidentally, the same woman is the author of the Ashiwarya Rai starrer "Mistress Of Spice". Now, we all know how that movie was ....umm.. like CRAP!!

Moving on, so music king, A. R Rahman wins 2 Oscars. Did this work deserve an Oscar?! Hell NO! His music in movies like Roja, Bombay, Dil Se were more awe-inspiring than what he did in this movie. So now, what does the Indian government do? They plan not to tax him for his awards!!!!!!!! Okay, Mr. P.Chidambaram honorable finance minister I want to get something clear, so A. R Rahman gets a tax exempt. But my mom and my parents-in-law who live off their pension have to pay taxes? Why, because they did not bring home an Oscar!!?? What the fuck!?

In almost all Indian websites, I see politicians giving press statements saying they are very proud. Proud of what? Proud that your country houses so many slums? Proud that when you can travel in first class and live in big bungalows and drive around in posh cars, those slum kids do not even have access to the most basic amenities and more importantly a good education. And for Christ's sake please STOP calling it a Bollywood movie. IT IS NOT A BOLLYWOOD MOVIE!!! Get your facts right before you go blabbering off in some TV channel.

Our country is filled with insane people like this one- Pramod Muthalik (who runs Sri Ram Sene) who are trying to restore the so called " Indian tradition and culture". We do not need bully-boys like him to tell us what to do, what to wear, where to go and not to go, what to eat, what to watch, what to listen and when to visit the toilet. You neither have the authority nor the rights to dictate terms to another human being. If you are swamped with a sudden surge of humanity and feel compelled to save something/someone- the slums of India are waiting for you. Provide them with schools, health care and jobs. We do not need your moral policing, save it for your wife/mom/aunts/sisters/kids . You are a shame to our nation.

I just hope that through this movie, some international aid/social agency steps forward to provide these kids with a bright future. I say international aid agency because, I know our politicians/leaders/lunatic fanatics are busy saving "India's culture/tradition" and providing tax benefits to the filthy rich.


  1. Take it easy... its only a movie......

  2. SJ,

    I thought about a minute about the way they have shown our slums but after that movie took over. Since I did not look at that as an Indian movie but as just another "movie", I really enjoyed my time. To me, that is the reality and I accept that and if I can do something about it I will do. In my mind, feeling bad about the reality does not change the reality. Danny Boyle has won as a director, able to keep my interest throughout the movie.

    It is true that similar themes are there in other movies but it is the narration of the movie which makes it gripping and interesting. I went there for entertainment and the movie was entertaining and interesting.

    Does Rahman have other better scores? IMO certainly! But unfortunately they were not exposed to others. Through this movie, he will be heard by everyone and people will show interest in his music. That could promote the interest of west towards Indian music. As an Indian, I am certainly proud of his achievements, leaving the debate whether his music for this movie is the best or not.

    You ask what the kids gained by this. I say they did not loose anything even if they did not gain anything. For that matter, they were able to go to places they never dreamed of. The producer of the movie has created a trust which pays for the education of children for rest of their lives. If at all some is exploiting the situation, it is the parents of the kids...forcing them to pose in front of the media. Now more people around the world know that such kids are there and they might come forward to help them. Don't you think that is beneficial?

    Whether this is an Indian movie or not, this movie has a lot of Indian artists in every department and their contributions are recognized at an international stage. IMO that is a moment to rejoice.

    BTW I like your writing style. Specifically “Lonesome Ramaswamy” is fantastic. Keep writing.


  3. @anon
    @ Madhu

    I did not like the movie and IMO, it was just like any other movie! So why all the hoopla i don't understand. And looks like you guys are really happy that AR Rahman is getting a tax exempt and you don't! Boy! You are really good citizens!!!

  4. It is a good movie but the first reaction was like yours - infact it is my last reaction too!

    Why not an American slum which is even sleazier!!

    Even the World's largest slum is doing better now:

    Maybe America does not have enough democracy to allow its sleaze being shown!!

  5. @Sunshinemom
    You hit the spot Harini!! The West always prefers to see the 3rd world countries as poor/sickly/underdeveloped! Next time they should make a movie on the slums of Washington DC. Lets see if that wins an Oscar!

  6. I loved the movie.....heeeeeee


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