Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day!

Okie. So its V-day today, what do i get for HIM? 
Wallet? Belt? Shirts? Naah... If I get these now then I will run out of options for his Bday gift.

Do I have to give something? Maybe He won't realize that it is V-day. Wait a min!! He never knows its V-day until he sees my gift!! Ha!! Then its settled... no gift giving!

Or so I thought. 
I found this on my table  Thursday night,

I especially love this chaddi picture! Its so cute just like Him too!

Then i decided on this,

My Dearest J,

These 3 years with you have been like a roller-coaster ride.
Without You i don't know how i would have managed in this strange land!
Be it a simple thing like swiping a credit card or a mind boggling task like buying a metro fare card (yea it is difficult!)
You have always been there guiding me. 
For all the graphs you have done for me and for typing most of my assignments, I am ever grateful.
I love you for all the gifts you have showered on me.
I admire your patience and tolerance level (particularly during the driving sessions!!).
No one can look after me like YOU!
I love you very, very much my sweet!
Happy V-day!

This is what I made for you,

Baby Corn Manchurian

PS- If you gorge yourself without any control and get heartburn in the middle of the night, do not wake me! You know where the Eno bottle is kept!!



  1. sweet kutti. pakoda (oh sorry it was bajji - oh no it is what you call manchurian right?) was very good .... enjoyed a lot. luv you as always

  2. @ Sambar
    Ask me next time for manchuri i shall show you!! Love the name- Sambar! Muah!


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