Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's in a name?

Some reactions when I tell people that I have a new blog named "Masala Vade",

My sis Su-" Aiooo.. rammaa.. edhakku thindi hesara?"
(Ooo.. rammaa... Even the title had be name of some food?)

My cousin Mako- "Adhenu hesaru? mental case! Innu ondu blog create madu, bajji antha!
(What name is that?? Mental case! Create another blog and name it bajji.)

My mom Amma- " Masalaaa vade na?? Oota thindi recipe blog ah?"
(Masala vade? Is it a food blog?)

So now, I feel I have to explain the significance of this name and why I chose this name for my baby i.e., my blog.

Ahem..(clearing my throat) Well, I have always liked creative and funny names. That doesn't mean that I would have loved to be named- Kempamma or Kunji Kujalambal. Although, I did suggest Su (my sis) to name her dog "Subramani" after the dog in the movie Sadma/Moondram Pirai. She named him Brutus!! Like, is that a name for a dog?? GAG!

Some of my favorite blogs (and names) include- chuntney case, vanilla vats etc. Hell! there is even a blog called "Kusublakki" (Its a Kannada name for a type of rice) !!! So why not "Masala Vade"? (plus no one had taken that name yet! Haiyya!!!)

Both J (other half) and I ( better half) love masala vades. Masala vades make me very calm, happy and totally relaxed. I wanted my blog to reflect just that- totally laid back, with very light and funny reads. You will not find any heavy stuff like "Does God exist?" or "Should astrology be made mandatory in science classes?" or "The rise and fall of the Neanderthals" in this blog.

So people don't ask too many questions! Just read, laugh and more importantly leave your precious comments!!


  1. nangu masala vade beku...booo hoooo booo

  2. @rekha
    baa mane-ge madi kodthini!

  3. yeah right. what about me? nangu beku....

    Me - nange masala vade thin beku anastha ide. madthya mudu
    She - nodu ninna hotte na. masala vade nu illa yenu illa,
    Me - please kane, thumba dina aithu , baai yako churu churu antha ide masala vade ge
    She - modolu excersize maadu, hotte karigisko, amele nodona.
    Me - aiyo, nanna weight american standard alli "under weight". nange yelli hotte ide
    She - kannadi alli nodko..
    somebody please help.

  4. @Sambar
    You are the best! I love you loads!! I cannot stop laughing. Hahhahaaa..
    Ee weekend madkodthini aitha?

  5. Just landed on this blog.. hoping to see some nice recipes ..
    ..as of now do not know if there are any recipes out here ... or is it named Masala Vade just like that :-?

    Anyway, was nice to read some kannada online and read more in the comments too :-)


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