Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movie Masala

We went to watch "I am just not that into you" yesterday. I found it intensely boring. Maybe because I could not relate to any of those situations those girls were in. Yep! Mine is an arranged maduve.
No dating, no coochi cochi cooing! just huduga nodu, maduve madu!

Anyways, one particular scene got my attention.
Jennifer Aniston finds a ring (yes, a diamond one) and turns to ask her boyfriend Ben Affleck about it. When she turns around..TADA! He is on one knee professing his love and asking her to marry him!

Me (wiping away my tear)- Nodu..nodu.. Neenu nange hange yenadru madithya?
(see, see. Have you ever done anything like that for me?
Him- Neenu Jennifer Aniston a? Neenu Jen Aniston agidre madthidhe.
(Are you Jennifer Aniston? If you were her i would have done all that)
Me-Adhu bere!! Ninge naane jasthi!
(You are so lucky you got me!)
Him- If not for me you would still be riding BMTC and going to your company, which one is that? Genie o panni o yenno ethalla.
Me- If not for me you would..
HUSHHHHHH.... (from behind, front and sides!)

We had to cut our movie short and watch the one on screen instead.
Some got married, some split up. All in all, everyone was happy.
The End. (YAWN!!!)

$20 wasteu for this kachada movie. Thank God we didn't waste money on soda and popcorn.

Tomorrow is Monday- Boo hooo....

Have a nice week y'all!!


  1. I can even settle for jens sis. :) . here's what always puzzles me about you species. this is a chick movie that you wanted to go ( i wanted to go that international..), then you see all the girls bashing the men and you were saying "right" and now you found the movie boring? hmm not lot of juice ha

  2. @ sambar
    Sambi, i can delete dabba comments you know that right!?

  3. U don't worry gal even after having a scandalous love marriage I ask the same question "Have u done anything like that for me?" and he answers - wish I had done something like that so you would not be clinging on to me for the past 9 years like a leech....hmmmph!!! Think I should take a cue from your Sambar and put him on craigs list after all.

  4. I love ur kannada I read it I listen to my inner voice saying it with full emotion & accent in kannada;-D

    Am a Malayalee brought up in Bangalore & consider myself a true-blue Bangalorean....
    I can read kannada.
    I can write kannada
    I can understand Kannada
    Just not very fluent while speaking...but still if I have to save my life with kannada I can;-D

    Ahem...Neevu bahala channagae blogging maadthira...besh, besh!!



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