Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lonesome Ramaswamy!

Me- I want ... I want... I WANT!!!!
Him- Are you sure papu? I don't think we need it...
Me- You always have to shoot down whatever I say... Why can't you get me a fish tank??
Him-Its not an easy task -cleaning the tank, feeding the fishes.
Me- It is easier than having a dog. I've seen my sis Su with her dog Bru, if she can do it so can I.
Him-Umm...I am not so sure about you. You never finish what you start. Remember your other blog you created with your friend Reva? You just did 1 post and its practically dead now!
Me- It was her turn to write OK??
Him- What about that scarf you started to knit for me? It has been a year since you began. Its still not ready?
Me- oh that is different this is different ok? Listen neenu kodsthyo illvo?
Him- Saari *govindaa govindaaaaaaaaa*

Oct 2007
Me- Hello J? Chinnaswamy died!! Sob..sob....sob...

Dec 2008
Me- Hello J? Veeraswamy reached paralokha today!

Jan 2009
Scene- J cleaning the fish tank.
Me(watching Him clean the tank)- Cha! You were so right J, we should have never got this fish tank. So much work alwa? Should we sell the tank with Ramaswamy in it? I was thinking Craigs list.
Him- *I am thinking of putting you on Craigs list!*

Lonesome Ramu!


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  1. so cool. loved your blog :) thanks for helping me discover you ;)

  2. Ok I maybe the nuttiest person u have come across...but really when I need a good laugh I just read this post of urs and it never fails to bring a laugh...guess read it at least 10 times (that's the amount of laugh I need in a week sulking here all alone). when J plans to put you on craiglist please let me know as my husband will be too glad to throw me along and maybe someone might be really crazy enough to go for the one plus one free offer!!!

  3. here thanks to sakshi, who gave me the link and thanks babe for leading me to this page!

  4. You are most welcome Imp'y..this is the place I hang out when I feel lonely...ramaswamy is such a pleasure to be with minus it's owner...

  5. Hey SJ keep Ramaswamy alive and kicking till I get there ok??? am dying to see him...


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