Friday, February 13, 2009


How many of you teach? Well, i just started teaching a biology lab to undergrads.  Most of them are interested in the subject and want to learn. A few of them would rather watch Ramayana on DD1 than do this lab!
Today went like this,
Me- OK guys you can observe  bacteria on your petri dish and note down the colony morphology.
10mins pass by.
They (2 students)- Uum... We are done. Cane we leave?
Me-Did you fill in table 2 in your lab manual?
They- Yea! Can we leave?
Me- All three columns in table 3?!
They- yup! Can we leave?
Me- Did you look at colony morphology under the dissection scope?
They- Umm.. No. We can see the morphology pretty clearly with our eyes. um..can we ... leave?
Me- Actually the margin and shape is clearer when viewed under a scope. Go ahead and give it a try.
They- Rolling eyes..roll..roll. 
(And saying to themselves- What the fuck!!! Why can't we just leave? Who cares if the bacteria is round or rhombus shaped! What a pain!!!)
Me- You can leave as soon as you finish looking at it under the scope.
(And saying to myself- Your grades are in hands! Two points off every time you roll your stupid eyes!!)


  1. well they have to go and feed their boyfriends with food and other stuff (you know what i mean?). give them a break.

  2. Thank god u r not my TA!!!
    I liked the rolling part..have fun teaching

  3. and then it would rain rolling eyes heeheee

  4. and do visit my blog too!!!!

  5. @ rekha
    Hey! I am better than BPS ok.

    they have a quiz everyweek. they do pretty ok..but their worksheets! Ahh.. thats another post!

    Is that all you can think of?!!

  6. wat a tough babe!!
    good one liked this post!!


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