Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost- authentic Amritsari Choley

Copied straight from her. Its almost-authentic because I did not add the chutney. I did look at the chutney recipe-seemed very tedious! And I was dead beat, so I chuked the chutney. The other half has never been to Amritsar or eaten Amritsari choley, he would never know.

We did not miss the chutney (not that we know how it tastes with the chutney)! The choley was lip-smacking good. It even looked like hers,


We ate this with brown-rice tortilla from TJ- it tastes horrible please don't buy it. It was like eating hide. Should have just had the choley with good ol' thayir-sadam. Americans and their fancy-shmancy dishes! (I cannot stop making fun of them!)


  1. hehehe tortillas like hide? :D

    i have bookmarked this recipe too. among a zillion others so i should get to it soon enough ;)

  2. yummy yummy tasty tasty
    ya ya it almost looks like hers amritsari...

  3. Perfect click guess so is the taste too!

  4. @Nags,
    Same here! I want to try out Asha's kulcha, god know when!


    Yes the taste was good.

  5. Thanks for stopping by....Reduce pepper to 1/4 tbsp or even lesser, it wud definitely taste gud.

  6. Anything that says "authentic", I am there! Looks delish, must try! :0

  7. N-I-C-E:))) glad it turned out well...thanks for the tip about the tortillas..will stay away from it!

  8. Wow, I've been wanting to make her choley for a long time now :( My experiment crazy husband is doing other things. Sigh.

    I should learn how to use picnik. I did not see much diff between picnik and picasa. And my comp freezes everytime I open picnik. Do you want to tell me how?


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