Friday, March 6, 2009

I just don't get it: Take Home Exams

What a horrible week! I am so glad the weekend is here. I was working on a take home exam most of this week. I have never really appreciated the concept of these take home/ open book exams. Most of my classmates are "Yaaayyyy!! Take home exam! Thank God!" . I on the other hand detest take home exams (or any exams for that matter!). I prefer in class ones where you just endure the pain for 2 hours and forget about it until grade-time.

I just don't understand the joy that people experience when they hear "take home exams".
1. Is the professor going to give you questions straight from the book? NO!
2. Are the answers/questions going to be straight forward? NO!
3. Will there be multiple choice questions? NO!
4. Will it be just 3 questions? NO!
5. Will be pain last for just 2 hours? NO!!

So, why/how the heck are take-homes 'Yaaayyyy!!' ? I mean its not even "Yaaaayyyy!!" for the professor, he now has to sit and waste his time going through all those lengthy essays and trying to figure out if anyone has plagiarized from some website. Plus, can you imagine all that electricity wastage because 20 odd students had to use the internet to glean information in order to answer those super-crazy-tricky questions and finally type them out. I mean is this all really necessary? Seriously, I just don't get it! Anyways, after 2 whole days of searching and typing the answers, I was finally done (can you imagine 48 hours to write an exam). Now, I just hope all that effort and time gets rewarded handsomely!

On a completely different note, I so want to watch 'Delhi 6'. Why? To improve my Hindi/ to be a true bharatiya naari and encourage Hindi movies/ to see if Sonam Kapoor has put on some weight/to know the latest fad in Bollywood/to....Ok, ok I am crazy about Abhishek Bachchan. There I said it, now I have the liberty to... *drool...drool...drool...drool*

I have been humming this (see video below) all week long and looks like will continue to do so for sometime!
I wish I were that 'Masakali' on Abhishek's hand...*drool...drool..and more drool..*

I just have one very important question though, its been on my mind ever since I first watched this video. Did the pigeon not shit/pee on Sonam's head? Anyone has answers to that?


  1. what the &*^&*^ - abhishek bachchan? he is a chakka with daadi. if you are going to drool about somebody else, atleast have some standards....

  2. @Sambi
    tsk tsk tsk...Jealousy is bad for the soul my poor dear! Control it!!

  3. sweet home AlabamaMarch 9, 2009 at 10:00 AM

    abhishek bachchan ah?
    see his "dostana" to prove sambar's point...i dont think he was faking that role in the comes naturally to him...

  4. Me too a Bollywood fan:) Yet to see Dilli6 though!


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