Tuesday, March 24, 2009

B'day blues...

-2 gifts, 2 cards, 2 e-mail wishes, 3 phone calls
-1 e-card from my mom which I never actually received because my mom added an extra dot to my mail id (as usual)
-long distance call from my sis Su, cousin Mako and her mom
-1 sweet husband trying very, very hard to make the day special
- went to bed wishing, wishing my mom lived next door

Same day, two years ago,
-12 am sms "Arre crack happy b'day"
-6 am phone call my cousin Mako "yeh loosu, happy birthday kane"
-8am sms my sis Su "Yeh nut, happy birthday"
-10-12 e-cards
-big bouquet of flower on my desk
-distributing kaju roll to all my colleagues (yea, my work place was slightly crazy!)
-"yeh don't forget 5 pm treat in Kanti sweets!!" Stuffed ourselves with samosa and malai gulla.
-"Arghhhh!! I love the watch!! Thanks M and V"
-canteen aunty "evathu ninna b'day antha gothu ma, adikke sweet madthe"( I know today was your birthday, thats why I made sweet) (She told the same thing everytime someone's birthday coincided with her sweet making day!! But it made me feel good!!) Stuffed myself with canteen aunty's sweet
-carrot halwa and mirchi bajji by Mom, yep loaded myself with this as well.
-Went to bed taking 3 Pudin Hara's and feeling like the happiest girl in the universe, not one bit sad I had turned one year older!

Wahhh wahhhh wahhhh... I want to go back to India. Because the above and below happens only in India.


  1. Belated wishes!!

    And yes, I hear you.. sigh..

  2. Happy Bday! :)

    I miss bdays and anything else and everything else in India too :(

  3. Happy Birthday Gal....let's think more cheerful things ;)

  4. Happy Brthday kanne :) ivathu naanu ninna birthdayge payasa madtini ok :)

  5. Happy Birthday:) Hope you have a great year!

  6. belated burrrrday wishes SJ :)

    ~sign~ i know what u mean!!! I want to go HOME!!!!!!!!

  7. Try watermarking in some older version of Photoshop it will work!

  8. LOL!!! I wish I lived next to you just to wish and hug you. You are so sweet SJ. YUP! Joys of living in US of A, not much enthu for anything.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! :))

    Great video, laughing so loud here.

  9. @Nags Thank you. I am glad you understand

    @ Nandini Thank you, yes india me wants.

    @Priti, Sharmile, Shama Thank you

    @Arch Alli payasa maditre naanu hege thin li??

    @ Sia and Ranjani Thank you!

    @ Ashakka Yes even I was laughing like crazy when I saw the video. Thank u!

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  11. Happy B'day!!!
    Here's to a gorgeous new year with tons of wishes & hopes coming true :)

  12. see being far u got so many wishing friends thanks for the blog u opened. what gift u got from j?

  13. I understand your plight!! A few days back I surprised one of my close friends whos shifted base to US, and she was THRILLED!!! She was telling me how much she missed the phone ringing and that it didn't feel like her birthday at all. I was so glad I had called her when it was 8:00a.m. in US!!!

    So here is a virtual BEAR hug:)


  14. ayyo lol. no no I was kidding. I will send some come, Monday. Email address.


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