Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ice Ice Baby...

Ooo.. that cold sweet cream going down your parched throat cooling your body, soul and mind! thats what I call bliss. I am fond of only 1 flavour-rocky road and it has to be on a waffle-cone otherwise its not fit to be held in my hand or licked! 

However, this time she tempted me...and I succumbed. Result? good
See for yourself,

I am not going to bother providing the recipe here, because she has done such a good job of giving step-by-step instructions. Plus I type with two fingers, it will take me an entire day to type the recipe. I used strawberries instead of mulberries (I could not find mulberries, have not eaten them in India also-shame shame!!) I followed the rest of it diligently.


I learnt some valuable lessons during the making of this,
1. 1 litre milk does not reduce to 500 ml in 15 mins.
2. never dump 3 tbsp corn-flour into hot milk, hoping it will magically dissolve.
3. never dip your finger into the syrup...while its simmering.
4. never open the freezer 1000 times to see if it has set.
5. nothing can beat home-made ice-cream!

Harini has posted a soy version as well. And she has tried (albeit unsuccessfully) to tempt us with the healthier version, saying its a cool-blue (it looks more like black&white photo to me!!) Look at her photos and tell me which makes you drool more?!

Can you bear to not lay your hands on this? 


Now, I have to find those darn waffle-cones.


  1. He he:) I can understand those lessons!! Did I not mention that cornflour should be mixed in cold milk? Will update. It is your ice cream that is tempting me now:) Especially the second picture - it looks beautiful! Ha ha - I like that take on soy version! My husband said something like that too:)

  2. @Sunshinemom
    Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  3. Dang Ice cream from scratch?!! wow that's very industrious:) great clicks!

  4. @Ranjani
    This is what happens when one gets spring-break!

  5. wow what a click SJ !! Icecream looks very mouthwatering

  6. @Trupti, Srivalli
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I just followed the recipe! The credits go to Harini!

  7. tasty tasty hmmmmm

  8. spring brk-well utilized su.... pics are really wonderful and mouth-watering

  9. not fair to take such a close up pic of icecream!! looks heavenly.... i would like to have the entire bowl..

    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  10. I dont think I need to post anything else di...its all been said already...yyuuummmmmm...sluuurrrppp


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