Saturday, March 7, 2009


Me- Hey, I am going to take part in a FIC event conducted by her and her the theme is pink/rose. Give me some ideas on what pink/rose dish to cook.
Him- Ooo.. make one that ya..
Me-Which one ya?
Him- Malai kofta.
Me- Malai kofta? Pink colour? In which part of the world were you served pink colour malai kofta? Malai koftas are brown ok not pink. I was thinking something beetroot-ish.
Him-Beetroot ah? Woman! That is red colour.
Me- Man! That is dark pink. You are severely colour-impaired!

I went out, got those beets, cut them up and BAM,


OMG!! The man was right! They are bloody red. Damn! Clearly, even I suffer from colour-impairment. Ok... don't panic, don't panic. How does one turn this into pink? AMMA!!!

Me- Hey amma, I want to turn beetroot to some pink/rose colour, how to?
Amma- Just mix it with something white.
Me- Sugar/salt/milk/curds/white onions/A4 paper/my sofa cover/shower curtain are all white. Which one to use? Be specific for Gods' sake amma!
Amma- *And she is doing her Masters? LOL* Make beetroot pachadi...this is how,

Beetroot Pachadi:

1 cup grated beetroot
2-3 green chillies
1/3 cup coconut
1.5 tsp mustard seeds
1-1.5 cup curds
salt to taste

Cook the grated beetroot with some water till soft (I zapped it in the microwave for 5mins). Grind the coconut, green chillies and mustard seeds into a smooth paste using 1/4 cup curds. Add this paste to the cooked and cooled beetroots. Add the curds and salt. Mix well. You can do a tadka for this if you wish.

So now I ended up with this,


Him- I still think this is red. Don't be upset if this gets rejected.
Me- This is pink..just little dark...
Him and Me- Hmmm...

Since we both carry a mutation that has affected our colour perception, I am just going to send them my entry and let them decide if its pink or not.


If they do consider this pink I will be happy. If they don't..I shudder to think about my kids colour perception skills!!


  1. hahaha :D i thought of beetroot pachadi too when i heard this month's FIC choice. so i am guessing this should work.

    btw, are u in singapore by any chance? i have the exact same bowl that you have clicked in the first pic and though i am aware it can be bought anywhere in the world and blah blah, just wanted to ask :D

  2. hmm.. him is always right and the the pachadi was red. just light red (hmmmmm.. isn't that the definition of pink?)

  3. @Nags
    If I were in s'pore, I would have landed at your doorstep by now!! I suffer in a place called Maryland. When I told my mom I am making this she said 'Everybody on earth knows how to make it. Whats the big deal?' Thats what I call encouragement!

    Umm...yea light red=pink. So my pachadi was light red=pink! In what state were you when you wrte this comment!?

  4. :) Love the colour though. I have a food blog too. LOL :D

  5. Ha ha!! What a tussle! It is pink alright unless I suffer from a color impairment too. I love beetroot pachadi too. My Mum made a lot of this when I was carrying my Son so it has a lot of memories for me!! Thanks for sending it to Priya for FIC:)

  6. today i am planning to try ur red=pink recipe... ur photography skills are excellent su!!!

  7. Wow!!! Ppl even notice the bowls u use..??!!

  8. shamelessly copied and posted this on mine! operation success!

  9. I hope they had rejected this recipe in the first place...too much of white Singapore bowl used in this..makes my eyes blurr u see and the curry patta is too prominent in the never goes with green according to a survey conducted by MIT.

    Btw loved nags Pachadi recipe...very very good...


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