Monday, March 16, 2009

Friends wanted

(This is adapted from Nags blog)

Wanted female/male, kannadigas/tamilians -any Indian to be best pals (even 'just' pals will do) with a lonely Indian couple in Maryland (or even Virginia/DC- we do not mind driving the extra mile to meet you!)
-We don't care if you have kids/single/couples like us/have in-laws/pets with you (see how flexible we are).
-We don't care if you are vegan/non-vegetarian/herbivore like us/don't cook
-We are not bothered if you live in a studio apartment/mansion, drive a corolla/ford/mustang or take the metro.
All we need are some fun loving Indians who we can invite for dinner (and in turn be invited!), watch movies, play Pictionary, be our company on our numerous Shenandoah trips, ramble on about Indian politics/ India-pak relations (J's request), Bollywood movies, desi restaurants that make the best masala-dosai, basically just talk!

Because we are tired of spending weekends by ourselves, screaming ourselves hoarse that Slumdog Millionaire was crap and no one contradicting our views, having to listen to other friends (especially the one in Texas) going on about how they were invited to numerous Diwali parties and we in turn telling them 'oh! how lucky, we were ourselves', telling my prof after every weekend/ break "No! we did not have any guests over!" and because we cannot pluck up courage to go upto a fellow Indian in the desi store and say "Want to be friends?"

We cannot promise to do your laundry, but we can help you in doing your taxes !! (is that enticing or what?)

Someone? Anyone? ........ please?

(We feel like the kids in 'Mary Poppins' who wrote a similar ad for a nanny! - We hope we get a 'Maryamma Popingaru')


  1. sweet home AlabamaMarch 16, 2009 at 1:29 PM


    i dont know how your texas friend gets so many dinner invitations!!!
    her prof hosts dinner parties for diwali, can u believe that!!!
    did u get any response to that flier of urs?

    im sure someone will respond seeing those superb pics of the ice-cream!!!

  2. Gosh I wish you stayed near us. We are in the same situation!

  3. sweet home AlabamaMarch 16, 2009 at 1:33 PM

    Maryamma Popingaru - - loved this!!!

  4. awww:) Hang in there...I'm sure you'll find some friendly folks soon and then you're weekends will get jam packed and you'll look for some "me" time!!

  5. I felt the same way when I moved to Fl from Atlanta for graduate took me a while to get my mojo back and then by hook and crook I found some!

  6. Sorry to be cheesy, but "white is right" it should say Durum atta flour" on the bag. Let me know how it works out!

  7. :D Your blog is a riot! LOL! :) I read almost everything. But since Internet hating husband has come home, I have to go and act like I want to cook :P

  8. @sweet home alabama
    I know! he even gave her a cup filled with chocolates!! the apt owners refused to put up my fiers becos it violates their "fair housing policy"- so stupid!

    My mojo is right now at (on a scale from 1-10) -15!!! Thankx for the atta tip!

    *turning crimson red* Thanks! I admire your blog-both the food and non-food one!

  9. I really and sincerely wish you better luck than I had. With this post I had declared that I have done 'everything' I can.

    How I wish you were in Singapore!

  10. You know what - i am in a similar situation being in India - can u imagine - shifted from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and sooooo lonely here - no friends, hardly any dinner invites :( hope it gets better for u and for me :)

  11. @Nags
    Am not having luck...its all people like you-who are 1000 of miles away from me who reply! Yea, even I wish I was in S'pore.

    Really?!! You have trouble making friends in India? I am getting scared now. Move to Maryland please...

  12. Hi SJ,

    first time on your blog,nice blog here:))'

    thanks for your comments on my blog .


  13. Hey me... Maryamma popingaru...can we be friends!!!

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  15. Plzzz move to Texas... wish you were here su...miss you

  16. Gawd, I am putting this up on my blog too!
    I need friends here in Florida - all I have right now are friends-in-law (spouses of boy's work mates)

  17. Oh how did I miss this post?! I read Nags post too....Gud one but no help from side too though I really wish too...but sitting from miles away it isnt possible :( except for online writings


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