Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Found and lost

3 pm AU shuttle bus

S's brain- Oh lord I have to finish that dumb assignment before Friday. Hate that man for asking us to read that big book chapter.

Man on the phone- Hello helu yen aithu? (tell me what happened?)

S's heart- I hear kannada!!
brain- yea, I hear Gujarathi, Marathi, Malyalam...

Man still on the phone- Naanu karkondu barthini avalnna (I will bring her)

heart-this is kannada! Yipeee.. Do I talk to him or not? The ad for friends had responses from people in Atlanta & Singapore, none from MD, it might be better to try my luck with this guy.
brain- Are you crazy? This is some random guy, why do you want to talk to him?
heart- Oh c'mon so what if he is a random guy, he speaks kannada!
brain- What will J think? Going off like that talking to a stranger?
heart- Hey! I am just going to talk to him not have an affair, what if he has a wife and he might know other kannadigas!
brain- What if he is just a bachelor with no friends? He might just land at our house every weekend looking for bisibelebath and maddur vade.
heart- Screw you! I am going to talk to him.

Me- err.. are you a kannadiga?
Man- yes how did you know?
Me- Aaa... I eavesdropped on your phone conversation
brain- You totally blew it! He is not going to be your friend!!
Man- Ohh...Which part of karnataka are you from?
Me- Bangalore. Where do you live here?
Man- Rockville
Me- ARGH!!!!! I live there too.

So we spent the rest of our train journey discussing India, kids, in-laws (brain-basically they exchanged their bio-data). We got off at the same station and he introduced his wife (who was on the same train, different coach) to me. What do you know she was my super- super-super senior in college!!! They dropped me off home and I invited (brain-more like pestered) them upstairs. They did come and we chatted for some more time.

They- Ok we have to leave now, we have a doctor's appointment at 5.
Me- You must come again when J is here. He will be very happy to meet you. Or give me your address we will come to your place (brain- you are pushing it!)
They- Oh actually we are moving bak to India in another 2 months. We will give you our Bangalore address, you must come visit us when you come down.

heart- WHAT?! Wait, you can't go now, we just met! You haven't met J/had dinner in our place! You just can't do this to us now. That is so unfair!!!!
brain- ha ha ha ha ha ha..... I told you, I told you ha ha ha ha ha..
heart- Noooooo....
brain- heart? heart? Ok you have stopped pumping, c'mon now..lub-dub, lub-dub, work with me here.


  1. been there girl.. been there.

    I feel for you!

  2. Awww that was so cute and animated and a little sad all rolled in one! Hang in there..it'll get better:)

  3. My dear su... I 'll move to MD... Just search a project for my hubby

  4. I have an idea!!!

    why dont you and your texas friend, both move to Alabama?

    cost of living very less...think about it...

  5. @Nags

    You did not find it funny? Hmmm...

    That can't happen since I am total computer illeterate how I can get an IT-job for your husbnd?

    @sweet home Alabama
    The other half refuses to move.

  6. other half probably won't probably mind as long as he can get a modest paying job to take care of SJ, pay rent, pay bills etc. ++++ bonuses like ferrari, chauffeur, paid vacation trips, good(in all aspects) secretary etc etc.

  7. other half should join AIG to get all those !!!


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