Monday, July 20, 2009

Once upon a time...

cute little girl: Neen meen yellam sapidvya? (do you eat fish and all?)
maid: aama maa.. (yes)
cute little girl: koli? (chicken)
maid: aama(yes)
cute little girl: maadu? (cow)
maid: aama sapudvom (yes we eat)
cute little girl: aioo cow-oda kombu unoda vayathe kuthada? (oh no! won't the cow's horn poke your stomach?)
maid: !!! prizes for guessing who that cute little girl was.

PS- This post was done because my brain is on strike; refuses to think funny. Any remedies?


  1. Congrats, I saw you struck gold too! You beat me by a whopping margin!
    I would have liked to see the maids expression. Ayushi eats fish because she thinks they are the cleanest animal since they live in water. Refuses to eat chicken as they are surrounded by poop all the time. Cant beat the logic.

  2. hehe.. damn.. miss having maids around (dont care if that makes me a snob)

  3. Get a poke from some cow...;-D

  4. that cute lil girl was lil SJ ? mega imagination, man...why brain on strike ? u stopped cooking kya ? no foodie posts from you in a very long time...

  5. so you know you were cute as a little girl.....he he..
    when i was a child,i wondered if watermelon plant would grow in my tummy if i gulped a few seeds accidentally.......:):)

  6. How cute! It is like asking will there be a plant in my stomach because I swallowed orange seed :D

  7. Lol cow's horn poke your stomach

  8. oh goodness! That was hilarious!

  9. Hee-hee-hee! Even with a blank mind you are HILARIOUS:) I can almost imagine the maid, heh-heh! And I get to be the first one to comment, so I am doubly happy:)
    No ideas how to get out of this stage, I usually read thebloggess( whenever I feel I am becoming "normal":) She is as funny as they get!!!

  10. you brain is on strike? there are no options but to use the Kidneys. All the best:)

  11. oops, just noticed that I am NOT the first one...but...whateva...I am still happy:)

  12. U say ur brain is on strike?? come on it came up with the best yet...I mean your brain made you write cute little girl...ahem...very creative that is..

    Lolz so what did the cute little girl think about eating fruits like Kiwi, Dragon and star???


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