Thursday, July 16, 2009

A poem not cool
A poem by SJ

She is ready thought my parents to be sent to school,
But but...I am only four.
Nasty boys stole my eraser,
So, I hurt them with my razor.
They showed their stinky teeth,
inturn I spat on their homework sheet. not cool.

The Math, History and Chemistry,
have always been such a mystery,
And getting a zero only increased my sorrow. not cool.

School is such a big bore thought I,
okay then, lets all go to Singapore said Dad.
With a 100 watt smile, I said Good riddance school,
my parents are super cool!
Oh! how wrong I was; they put me in a hell-hole called Keppel school,
I felt like hitting my head with a Bata chappal, it was so uncool. not cool.

Then came BSc in St. Josephs',
life was definitely not a bed of roses.
I met Mrinalini and Hemamalini,
but my best friend was only Shalini.
I was so sore after my BSc,
but still went to Mysore for my Msc. not cool.

Stinky toilets and a kleptomaniac roomie,
hostel life was certainly not comfy.
Sago payasam very nice, said the hostel cook,
Bhago jaldi, said the other girls this is total yuck. not cool.

A life partner should save me from this torture,
Amma find me a husband with Hugh Grant's feature,
anyone but a teacher.
She found this guy, Jay who was a manager.
Oh honey, let us just be gay said I,
Sorry babes, your school starts in May said he. not cool.

I can't work you see, I am an H4 said my application,
Not to worry missy, you get total tuition remission said Dr. C.
I longed for Rekha and Ranjani,
but got only Karen and Bethany. not cool.

Can I graduate this summer and have a ball, Dr. C?
Sorry for the bummer but you have to wait till fall, you see. not cool

Even with all this school, I am still pathetic,
sitting at home Aparna is exceptionally poetic. not cool.

Those of who think SJ should never attempt poetry and should get herself admitted in an asylum,watch this video.

If you are still alive leave a comment!!!


  1. Your poem was waay better!!! I don't know what this poet was smoking..but I'd sure like to get my hands on whatever it is:))

  2. OMG did Aparna pass on the poem tag to you...plz oh plz never ever tag me for a poem ok..might die in disgrace if I had to write one.

    Hey I survived your poem chuckling all along wondering how come you didn't add knitting and blogging into the poem?? keeping it for next time?? Sigh...SJ concentrate on graduating so that ppl like me don't get all jealous of ur poetic abilities...morning Aparna gave a nice attack right at my heart with her poem and now you have shook out my brains...

    Btw that's women's poem did it for totally in coma after hearing her poem...WTF was that on inauguration day???

  3. i could dance on this School is not sure is a hit number!!

    i would call it Sj's classic attempt at Songwriting...start a band lady!!
    and then u can sell Sj band T-shirts!!

  4. Are you sure this is your first attempt? If it is, this is more than good...its fantastic. I'm enjoying reading all your posts, SJ. Does bring a smile on my face everytime. Keep writing. BTW, what are you studying athava inta prashne kelkurda?

  5. SJ, what can I say? You redefined the genre!Now think of a catchy hip-hop melody and perform it for your graduation ceremony:)
    Good for you to do it. People are getting maudlin reading my poetry. They need a breath of humourous air.
    And I didnt know it was a tag. Please catch hold of Sakshi and ask her to do one too.

  6. Lol... But i think school is cool... but its a good one.. i enjoyed reading!

  7. That was hilarious SJ...loved reading ur poen dearie..

  8. school not cool...SJ super cool :)

  9. the poem is cool...but dint you bunk once in any of these skools??

  10. may not be cool..but your poem def made me drool!

    howzzat for a pathetic poem?? :P

  11. Hehe!ok ok no sympathies this time but you know what today when I saw girls going to Jyoti nivas college I felt like going along :(
    And about what you said on my blog, there is no husband here darling, just a roomy who is hooked to Prison Break :|

  12. Mrinalini and Hemamalini? lolz...:D
    Is your hubby really look like Huge Grant? ;)and ur features alike ..?...
    Nice try on poem.:)

  13. @TQ,
    She is a through entertainedr and brought out many poets! Just go to the original video in You tube I had a good time reading all those comments!
    What tag??? I just wanted to let Aparna know that SJ and Elizabeth Alexander are pathetic poets not her! Ya she did it on the inauguration, I was watching it on TV and was like WTF!!!
    Thanku thanku!
    @Aparna V,
    Biology antha ondu bhayankara vada subject oodtha edini.
    Everyone can be a joker and write nonsense once in a while not everyone can touch the heart like you do. And I am going to do something you abhor (((((hugs))))) lol!!!
    yen maa mudiyale? Apple juice kudi sariaa poidum.
    sigh ok miss school lover!
    @ Prathiba,
    @Arch, Sangeeta, Purnima,
    Wah wah wah..all of you are budding poets now!
    are you in Bangalore? I don't think I will want to go back to school but the irony is however much I try to run away from it, it comes chasing me :( Invite me for your wedding ok? I will come and recite my exquisite poetry!
    Yeah he looks like Hugh Grant and I like Julia Roberts.

  14. LOL!!! aiammo...super kane, u ever thought abt writing a book?
    and as for that lady's line "someone is trying to make music somewhere" - yeah,thats me banging my head and scratching while trying to make sense of her poem"dab dab scratch scratch dab dab scratch scratch"

  15. yako hudugi bere enu kelasa ilwa? LOL...

    so can we expect some more poems on blogging, cooking, sulking(abt US), knitting in future?

  16. SJ,
    I might differ about school
    but your poem was sooper cool!
    Have to keep my daughter away from this,
    Else she might want to give school a miss :)

    Loved your poem - and I wish I could go back to school - anything but sit at home.. But school is way too expensive here in the UK :(

  17. SJ, (((hugs))) always reminded me of diapers with some poop inside. Sorry, I have a runaway imagination.

  18. hahahhahahaha........hahahahahaha.....only this much for now...:D:D:D:D

  19. That wasn't too bad, actually. Cathartic, not pathetic. :)

  20. you Julia Roberts? awwww...your pair sound doesn't match.:P and you know...I never liked Julia Roberts. Please choose another one.:)

  21. Ranju,
    Writing a book, sounds better than sequencing opsin!! Aioo that woman was just rambling, made no sense yuck!
    Bere kelasa edre ee thara time pass yakke madthini!
    Smitha, are becoming a competition for me!! Your kid loves school no? She might write another poem praising school!!
    hahahahahaaa...never imagined it like that!!
    I am glad I made you laugh :D
    Thank God for that!! two more stanzas and I think it would have turned cathartic!!!
    Lady, I get to choose my personality and I LOVE Julia Roberts. And they don't match???!!! Are you kidding me?! They looked amazing in Notting Hill!

  22. Never thought you were a budding poet!

  23. Mere kho kavita likhna hai SJ...
    SJ will u be my guru??
    I promise will be a good student and not write crap abt my guru...

  24. You are invited Sj :) I don't know when it happens :P but whenever it does, you should come.

  25. Wow you wrote that? smiles....smiles..was a good one dear :)


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