Thursday, July 2, 2009

One stone two mangoes

1) 1st mango:
Photo Friday : Debris


2) 2nd mango:
My nonsensical post which you guys like to read :P

My usual weekend routine is something like this-

9 am get up, do all the loo activities
10 am go back to sleep
10.30 am prepare breakfast or eat out
11.30 am sit with a book
Noon fall asleep reading the book
2 pm get up, make some sub-standard lunch
3 pm go to the movies/ play badminton/ go for a swim
6 pm knit or read a book
7 to 7.20 pm study or atleast pretend to study
7.20 pm make dinner or eat out
9 pm sweet dreams

We have a long weekend this time (July 4th US of A's independence day) normally it would be the above routine times 3. But, BUT this time around it's different!!
Why? Because someone is coming home la la la la la la laaaa...
Who? She la la la la la laaa...
FYI, I haven't met her or spoken to her. We have been blog/Gmail/Gtalk friends for maybe 2 months now. I think the reason we clicked was because, both of us lack a few important screws and have husbands who have extra screws!! I usually get close to people who are total nut cases and she is one mega nut...I am SO excited to have her here!! YAAAYYY!!!

Idli, dose, vada batter is ready (she requested idli, dosa)
Small prayer to Ganeshji to make the idli fluffy, dose crispy and vada crunchy done
Vegan cake (her hubby is allergic to eggs) baked
Sheets changed
House vacuumed
1 week old dried sambar globs in the microwave removed
Unsightly stains and hair in the bathrooms removed
Random paper and other rubbish hidden under the bed
Uber colourful bookmark for her, knitted


Control excitement and pin ass to one place can't do!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I know, for a change, I will!
La la la la la laaaaa.......


  1. *grumble* i was someone to make dosa for me too.. *grumble* and where's my bookmark?? i want!! *GRUMBLE*

  2. great!!, I can feel your excitement in the post. Enjoii maadi :)

  3. Wow girl...thats wonderful...And you are being a very nice host I can see...Have fun...

  4. SJ, that is one awesome routine!! I am very jealous!! Have fun with your friend.


  5. much to eat and so much to be excited and feel good...i feel jealousssssss...... ;-D. have a good time..enjoy..will look fwd to sme photograph and documentation of the eventful weekend spree. :D

  6. Wow!Having a blogger friend..sounds total fun. Enjoy!

  7. I also lack some screws and my husband kind of makes up for it. So can we come too?
    So dosas, idlis and vadas for me, pizzas for my kids. And oh yes, My husband LOVES eggs, cakes, pastries, laddoos... you name it.
    Promise to be really good guests and shove all the mess under the bed ourselves. So can we?

  8. two lucky gals...i knew it dude already.........i am jealous...grrr.

    lovely bookmark..will send you the pics of the pullover n the pattern of Mithi's stole......can you make it by magnified photo??

  9. Who is she? Seems you both gonna have loads of fun..enjoy!!

  10. Oh...I make everything by myself..uufffff!!! I usually eat Dosa (including Sambar & Chutney) while making Dosa for hubby by left hand and eating with right hand.:|
    Sakshi...u lucky Maa...!
    And SJ, you are kinda "Kumbhakarna". kitna ghante soti ho...?;) hehe...
    Hope you both enjoy your long weekend! All d best! :D

    P.S: Sakshi, SJ ka ghar ganda rakhke nahi jana, okey? upar se aur ganda ho jayega?!! :D

  11. SJ, how do u knit this bookmark? I knw...I knw you learned throu youtube.
    Can you please send me any useful link for tht? I've to knit for me by myself anyway. ~sigh~

  12. do we have to have lack few imp screws to get ourselves invited to ur home? and not to forget fluffy idli, crispy dosa and crunchy vada and those lovely knitted thingies ;)

    enjoy ur long weekend (i know u will:)

  13. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA... I'm delighted to read that you are short of important screws. So am I. Well Like, ya!

    Couldn't visit your blog earlier and I repent it :'(! anyways.. I'll soak in some of your older posts and LOL some more.

    That bookmark is SOOOOOOO lhaveleee!!

  14. if its an open invitation to nut cases, I qualify right on!! I love the dosa idli thing too much and you can make ordinary cake with eggs we wudnt mind at all!! Have a great time, am feeling the excitement too, and yah i know its so difficult to pin the ass when you are excited..

  15. You definitely have your creative screws intact. that's a lovely bookmark so colorful... lucky nutcase who is going to get that bookmark.

  16. awww, what a sweet gift! you are so talented. And haha, love the happy jaunty tone!

  17. LOL!!!!!!!! have a fun filled weekend!!!

  18. Hey, I qualify for a bookmark too, you know. I fit the bill completely. Why, I lose one screw every day!

  19. You should have bookmark giveaways on your blog. Period.

  20. You know, your excitement is so infectious! You have made me smile wide with all your excitement!


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