Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whole wheat pancakes

My previous pancakes were a hit (at least with Nandini). Well, I can't take any credit for it because, it's my guruji Alton Brown's recipe. If you liked that one you will love this one. I usually don't use whole wheat for baking- if you are using 3 eggs, 2 sticks of butter, butter to grease the pan, might as well use APF :P

This was my first time trying pancakes with whole wheat (only because guruji used it). It was better than the APF pancakes.


Whole wheat pancakes: From Alton Brown's, I am just here for more food.
Dry ingredients-
1C whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 Tbsp sugar
Wet ingredients-
1 egg
1 cup milk (or buttermilk at room temperature)
2 Tbsp melted butter

1) Mix the dry ingredients.
2) Whisk the wet ingredients.
3) Add the wet ingredients to the dry one. Do not over mix.
4) Set aside for 10 mins.
5) Smear butter on a hot girdle and pour a ladle of a batter. Flip once you see bubbles and the bottom is golden.
6) Cook till second side is golden.


No people, those are not bullet wounds.
And since many of said you like the pictures, one more:


Nandu, I hope this is your breakfast/lunch/dinner today ;)

UPDATE: For all those people who asked me if egg can be omitted, I honestly don't know! But my favoritest vegan blog has an eggless recipe for pancakes (she in fact has 2) Vegan Yum Yum.


  1. OmG - make that a sure date in Sept. ok? I'm not moving and you're feeding me. A can clean up! :D

    - making bagels today for BBA. will post ur pancakes soon! Promise!

  2. Yes...yes...this is my bookmarked recipe.:) Thanks for the recipe.
    I tried your buttermilk pancakes few weeks ago and came out very fluffy and soft pancakes. hmmm...I think buttermilk works better than

    Anyway, will try this recipe soon.

  3. hmmmmmmmm looks delicious and excellent clicks :) :)

  4. What pics!

    I am coming home for breakfast. :D

  5. Pretty, yummy and healthy! Lovely:)

  6. Oh my looks delicious, those are blueberries right? i made blueberry muffins today, will post them soon..

  7. drool drool drool!! :))
    Is this another way of pleasing the rain gods,SJ??..'cos believe me I'll go to any lengths to get some showers,even if that means cooking,the one thing I hate!!

  8. Just what I needed SJ ! I tried out your pancakes and they were really nice...wanted to try with oat flour or wheat and here u are posting it !! Good girl...will try and let your know how this turns out...

  9. Oh YUMMMMM!!!!

    This looks DELICIOUS!!

  10. the clicks are awesome as always....and the pancakes look irresistible...are those bullet shots actually blueberry shots???
    he he...i am so jealous of you guys getting so many nice fruits over there...don't get any blueberries here.
    you can see many Indian wholewheat pancakes on my banaras blog....

  11. This is heaven compared to the dry toast I had for breakfast today...really tempting.

  12. You are the most bestest blogger I have seen. You gave due credit to Alton ji even after you tweaked the shape. I must say Alton would be one grateful guruji when he sees his creation bleeding on ur blog...oops i really thought it was bullet wounds.

    You think it is safe for me to try this recipe at home without you and Alton suing me together??

  13. Nandu,
    Right I don't want to rot in this country till 2020 waiting for u. Please come this sept!
    Ya it called for buttermilk, but I used milk it turned out ok.
    Do u eat eggs?!!!??
    ROFL! I still can't get over what u wrote in Lavs blog booty bwhahahahahaa...
    yes blueberries, i love muffins!! Waiting for ur recipe!
    chae chae rains come only for sexy rain song. The sexy here is not sakshi!
    ohh u tried the previous one ty! wait I cant even take credit for it! Its all guruji's mahime!
    Miss M (love that name),
    if u click pics with a dslr camera pics will come out good ya. Its the camera not me! OKay Sangeeta, lets swtich places u come to US to eat blueberries, I will come to Banaras come come.. Trust me pls don't be jealous of the fruits we get here. Nothing special! Ask Sakshi.
    Dry toast is what we usually have or its cement like upma :P

    Main kya karu re? I am sniff sniff I lack sniff sniff...handpower (wink) I make sure I give due credit to everyone. Thats why I write nonsense and do less cooking noone can think nonsense like me that I am sure :P
    I didnt even tweak it ya its TOTALLY FLICKED from his book. I dont think he will sue any of us bcos hes linked!

  14. Lovely clicks... the pancakes look just amazing and with the loads of fruits... must be just heavenly. Eating pancakes while reading a book.. yeah that's the way to start a weekend morning :-)

  15. I protest: there is no mention of blueberries in the post. you haven't given them credit!! tsk tsk!!

  16. pancake looks super soft & yummy.
    Is there anything I can substitute for egg :D?

  17. Lady!missed your food pics :) Tell me when I can land in the US of A. I am sure I will be properly pampered. No?
    Mail me at for info about Fb and Orkut

  18. when will u come and do all this dishes and serve me?learning more baking things good.

  19. ha ha ..i'll never swap my banaras ka langda aam with those blueberries...forget it.

  20. Can you suggest a substitute for bullets as they are hard to find in India? This looks a recipe that ishita can try. She made some past few nights back and I must say, they turned out to be awesome.

  21. wow looks yummy.. and nice click as usual.

  22. trying this for breakfast tomo morning..will give u the updates soon :)

  23. Eggs ilde madakagatha ennri? My hubby is not overtly fond of eggs. If not, will try to sneak in some into my fridge :))

    Looks simple to make and delicious to eat. BTW, kayi inda thindre, taste change aagogatha ? :))

  24. My daughter loves pancakes and she was initiated into making them by Ishita..2 years back, since then she loves to show off her pan cake making skills..I am going to make her see these pics and read this recipe and my weekend is ready with food served in a platter from your blog!!

  25. Dear, i had never spent more than 15 mins reading a blog but i had spent more than 2 hours enjoying your blog's every recipes and articles... it was a worth!

  26. Congrats! I am nominating you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, Please do visit my blog.

  27. The pancake look awesome! With whole wheat and berry that is highly nutritious too!

  28. dahling..two questions- how many people does it serve and leftover batter goes in the fridge? how many days will it last?
    sorry it was 3...tomo morning, anil will be served Sj altons Smokey hot pancakes!!!

  29. 3 days and no post?? am worried for you kanne...U ok?

  30. Bergamot,
    That book was for show. It was a sucky book blegh!
    sigh. I don't know what to reply!
    Vegan Yum Yum
    When are u coming just let me know I will be ready!
    I knew you would say this!!!
    Bananas work perfect. After u pour the batter just sprinkle the finely chopped bananas then turn over.
    Ishita should give this or the other one made with APF a try!
    Lolo's blog -vegan yum yum for eggless pancakes. hahahhahaa.. kai alli thinbodu, after all it is sihi dose!
    Yaay! I think I must have kids and make them prepare breakfast!
    Thank U!
    nutritious i don't knw it was v tasty !
    creative juice flow kam hoga ya re :(

  31. SJ, I made this one for breakfast today, turned out real nice...Add raisins and drizzled with honey..super yum !

  32. for anyone who hasnt yet tried Sj's pancakes...these are the best ive evar tasted..better than any pancakehouse ones u have had.

    Totally vouch for it, and it will be a regular recipe..goes on my fridge recipe magnet.

    Just one thing i messed up doing - the milk was cold from the fridge and as i mixed the butter in hardened nextime will try mixing the butter alongwith the dry ingredients if the milk is cold.

  33. I am sorry dear, I missed ur name in the Kreative blogger link. I have corrected it now and pls do accept the award.

  34. I've just had my dinner; and I could eat a couple of those.

  35. Rush,
    melt the butter allow it to cool then add the milk, that way it won't harden. Been there done it :P


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