Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soba noodles in peanut butter sauce

The minute I saw this recipe in Nags blog, I knew it had to be tweaked into something Thai-ish and delish (note the clever use of rhyming words here).

You need:
1) Peanut butter sauce:
3 Tbsp peanut butter
3 Tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp ginger paste
2 Tbsp oil
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2-1 tsp red chilli powder
1/3 C orange juice (trust me on this one)

2) 1/2 block extra firm tofu: cubed and shallow fried

3) 150 gms Soba noodles (or any other noodle you fancy): cooked al dente (10mins will be perfect)

4) Garlic, Zucchini, carrot, bell peppers, baby corn, cabbage, broccoli (basically vegetables that are in your fridge, in a comatose condition): Cubed and stir fried till cooked but still crunchy.

And now when you mix this,


with this,


and that,


and finally this,


You will get this,


Slurp nosily and make sure your bowl looks like this in the end,


Don't forget to run an extra mile to burn off all that calories. Or if you are like me just dump that weighing machine in the fish tank.


  1. that looks awesome! much more 'healthier' than my version cuz it has the vegetables ;)

  2. sluurrrrp....! An orange juice?how can I trust u??? :P Lemme try. bookmark has been flooded with yummy recipes. :) Ur pics convinced me tht it must b yummy and wud like it. :)

  3. Pass the bowl here. I will show what happens! Even I thought so when I saw on Nag's blog. Yumm!

  4. Brilliant SJ...the pics and the noodles look super awesome...

  5. ha ha ha...i can't dump my weighing machine in the fish tank....don't have a fish tank....ha ha ..

    this recipe i have to have to have to soba noodles here n i think i'll use whole wheat pasta instead, the unusual sauce is the high point ....

  6. i dont like peanut butter much, the dish looks quite tempting, will give it a try!

  7. that looks like a really easy and delicious mix, apart from the peanut butter sauce, nothing much to fatty in there? and i have a fridge full of comatose will make the hubby happy with this recipe..and the kids love peanut thats an added thing! what happened to your flower snaps that were poste before this? cannot see it on the blog now

  8. @Nags,
    But you ate it with vegetable rice. I HAVE to raise above you or atleast be on par with you no? ;)
    yep yummo!
    Aioo hb, I tried so many times to leave a comment in your blog, the word verification comes up, but the box to type in the word is missing! So this is my comment to your post "Anything with paneer is ok with me ;) Waiting for the Kashmiri recipes!"

    PS- I HAVE HAVE to crack this PJ. Are you 2B or know HB pencils?
    I know your son loves time this one?
    Go to Taj Mahal, you have yamuna river no, just throw it there. Whole wheat pasta will work wonderfully!
    I know what you mean- I am not fond of PB as is, but when thinned out and spices added it doesn't even remotely taste of PB!

  9. SJ, That looks yum, yum yummy!!! I so want to try it out!

    'Or if you are like me just dump that weighing machine in the fish tank.' - yes, I am just like you :) That weighing machine is seriously weighing me down - makes me all depressed to look at it :)

  10. GORGEOUS clicks so bright and pretty!I need some weight mgmt intervention too, I got guacamole growing on my thighs, and it's not good:(

  11. U sure this recipe can make me gain weight?? then plz don't throw ur weighing scale in the fish tank...I can weigh myself on it after having this food like daily??

  12. That bowl of noodles with veggies look yummy..Peanut butter sauce is something interesting which I need to try soon...

  13. Peanut butter and orange juice? OK I will trust you on this. How many calories SJ? My husband is at a vulnerable age when heart attacks decide to strike. Are you sure I can try it out on him? I have only one husband you know...and a pretty handy one at that.

  14. ur vegetable bowl looks so colorful..i can have just 3 of those riteaway!!

    made garlic tofu noodles this saturday..wish i had seen this before!!

  15. Beautiful pics..enough to tempt even a peanut butter hater ! Hmmm..maybe the orange juice will give it a different taste. See, what your pics are doing? making me wanna try out something I don't usually like. Boy, you're good !

  16. looks delicious and with all the lovely veggies thrown in, it's healthy too.

  17. If it's Sj there should be a PJ :D I ofcourse know Hb pencils but didn't know 2B and 1B.
    Awww!my comments section isn't working?ok let me go fix it. Thanks for letting me know and the comment Sj. Dum aloo on my list-to-make. Let me see how it goes :D

  18. that looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! Is this some kind of revenge? Now you have made me hungry:(

  19. @Smitha,
    Ya don't look at the damn machine!
    cough cough you and guacamole things yeah right!
    try it, it might work!
    hahahahahah....floating on water for an hour will burn off the excess calories ;)
    I had 2 :D
    Try it o please do!
    healthy= thats what I call it!
    Dum aloo mmm...
    What revenge? I have to cut vegetables, fry the, boil noodles, make the sauce, mix everything so much work and you just have to step outside and viola! gol gappas, bhel puri, samsa, kachori what not! nothing can match that sniff sniff..
    Trust me!
    You noticed!! I made a separate blog for my pictures. Its on my side bar!

  20. I do this tooooooo! Yummy no? :D The brocoli rocks alva?

  21. see this ..


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