Saturday, June 13, 2009


Who says you can have a crush on someone only when you are in your teens?? I am married and nearing 30 and I have this immense crush on Ashok Kumar (yes, the film actor). No, you may not snicker. Yes, you may ask- why him? I have seen only movies of him singing "rail gaadi rail gaadi chuck chuk chuk chuk rail gaadi..." and not any of his really old movies (yea, shoot me!). J is a BIG "old Hindi songs" fanatic and our favourite pass time on weekends is to Google..what else..'old Hindi songs'. That was the first time I fell in love with Ashok Kumar. Aioioo rammaa he was SO smart, God knows how I missed his before-rail gaadi rail gaadi chuk chuk movies. I am now in love with this song. I showed it to a few of my friends and they said, "aioo amma SJ, why maa this song? What shokka (sadness) you have in life that you have to listen to this song?" I don't have any shokka, Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani not only acted and went around the trees looking all rrrooomaticu, they actually sang-yeah no Lata Mangeshkar/ Kishore Kumar, it's them singing!!! How cool is that? (Yes, I do know that was a norm in the olden days, but whatever it's SO cool!!) This is a big deal for me because I, as you all know by now, can't dance/sway and these guys did that and more!

Here is the song and say with me-- aioiooo sooo rrromaanticu! No, you may not pass any comments on Ashok Kumar-none will be tolerated, not even-"Dev Anand is smarter,no?" *hmpf*.


  1. i havent seen his old movies but he is very versatile actor, nice song i do have the same in my laptop, me too a BIG fan of indian oldies...

  2. Am glad that you moved on from Abhishek Bachan to Ashok Kumar....a much much better choice I least Ashok Kumar is man enough....ahem.

    Aioo SJ after hearing this song my heart is singing along

    Main banke Blog ki chidiya blog blog ghoome re...
    Har post pe teen teen para ka comment daaloon re..

    PS: Me don't like Ashok Kumar...why u ask?? coz you like him that's why...

  3. Me, a fan of AK, YES! One of the few actors in those times (and even now) who's acting was understated & realistic, with no over-the-top histrionics that is almost the hallmark of our cinema. But a crush? On Ashok Kumar?!! Oh, SJ!!

  4. Hindi Oldies, not much of my type :)

  5. Collect your award gal from my blog..

  6. @Parita,
    Thanks to J we have a fair collection of oldies. yea, old movies are slightly slow and boring -some not all.
    Yeah! Ashk Kumar Wow!
    Aioo meri maa..spare me and that song. Don't want your own additions- even tho' it was hilarious :P
    Yes on Ashok Kumar..I am verrry strange girl!

  7. i didnt see him the other day..just heard the song in the background.
    Today i see him, and i am in love..u got competition honey!!

  8. Anybody but Abhishek!! But no I agree Ashok Kumar really was all that:)

  9. What about Balraj Sahni? I had a crush on him. So what he was old enough to be my grandfather!
    Ashok kumar too was fantastic. I remember his typical signature sign offs on Hum Log, the serial.Bollywood has become so boring with these beefcakes. Give me an intense man any day.

  10. hey sakshi i want the teen teen para for me too....
    SJ ...dear my ultimate crush is kishore kumar.....panch rupaiyya bara aanaa.......
    relgadi is my fav reminded i don't get to listen to songs that much.....may be i start now.


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